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Monday, May 30, 2011

Enabling a future American dictator: Ron Paul

More “Straight Talk” from Texas Congressman Ron Paul:

These are truly troubling days for liberty in the United States.

Last week the 60 day deadline for the president to gain congressional approval for our military engagement in Libya under the War Powers Resolution came and went. The media scarcely noticed. The bombings continued. We had a hearing on Capitol Hill on the subject, but the administration refuses to bother with the legality of its new war. It is unclear if Mr. Obama will ever obtain congressional consent, and astonishingly it is being argued that he doesn't need it.


Our Presidents can now, on their own: order assassinations, including American citizens; operate secret military tribunals; engage in torture; enforce indefinite imprisonment without due process; order searches and seizures without proper warrants, gutting the 4th Amendment; ignore the 60 day rule for reporting to the Congress the nature of any military operations as required by the War Power Resolution; continue the Patriot Act abuses without oversight; wage war at will; and treat all Americans as suspected terrorists at airports with TSA groping and nude x-rays.

Click here to read the full article.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Event Notice: Alternative Investment Conference (Calgary)

Alternative Investment Conference (Calgary)
Saturday, May 28, 2011
Blackfoot Inn, 5940 Blackfoot Trail Southeast
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

9:00 AM – Registration, Janet Stillwell (White Capital)

[“Invest to Live; Live to Ride” Motorcycle Show ‘N Shine with “Judge” and financial author Mal Spooner in the Blackfoot Inn parking lot.]

9:30 AM – “Rev Up” With Mal Spooner and Stephen Johnston: Insights into Investing and the Global Economy
• Speakers: Mal Spooner (Sienna Capital Management), Stephen Johnston (Agcapita & Petrocapita)
• Q & A Panel: Paul van Bentham (White Capital), Brian Prokop (Petrosands) and Brad Parkes (Union Securities)
• MC: Rick Purdy (White Capital)
• Introducers: Sam Grier (Frontier Consulting) for Mal Spooner, Shawn Williams (White Capital) for Stephen Johnston
• Breakfast Sponsor: Petrocapita

[Chapter’s (Hewitt Gilbert) on-site book signing with Mal Spooner, author of “A Maverick Investors’ Guidebook,” will be open from 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM and again from Noon – 1:30 PM]

10:30 AM – Understanding the Alternative Investment Market: Looking Beyond Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds
• Speakers: Matthew White (White Capital), Dave Wiitala (White Capital)
• Q&A Panel: Kersten Kloss (Peer Diligence), Chris Hamilton (STAD Consulting) & Ron Lessoway (EMDA)
• MC: Rick Purdy (White Capital)
• Introducers: Marilyn Riddoch (White Capital) for Matthew White and Matthew Johnston (White Capital) for Dave Wiitala

11:30 AM – Inflation & Hard Assets: How Energy and Farmland Can Protect Your Portfolio
• Speakers: Stephen Johnston (Agcapita & Petrocapita) & Steve Calderwood (Apollo Energy)
• Q & A Panel: David Demyen (White Capital), Ross Mann (Mises Institute of Canada) and Andrew Jakubiz (Ursa Capital)
• MC: Rick Purdy (White Capital)
• Introducers: Rex McNally (Apollo Energy) for Steve Calderwood, Floyd Campbell (Floyd H. Campbell Law) for Stephen Johnston

12:30 PM – Mal Spooner & Hon. Monte Solberg PC: An Investors Guide to Canada’s Economic & Political Climate
• Speakers: Mal Spooner (Sienna Capital Management), Monte Solberg (Fleishman Hillard Canada)
• Q & A Panel: Steven Glover (Western Plains Petroleum), Richard Truscott (CFIB) and Robert Hawkes (JSS Barristers)
• MC: Rick Purdy (White Capital)
• Introducers: Rob Driscoll (Business Edge) for Monte Solberg, Matthew McKechnie (Phoenix Capital Partners) for Mal Spooner
• Lunch Sponsor: Phoenix Capital Partners

1:30 PM – Real Estate Investing: Identifying the Next Real Estate Bull Market?
• Speakers: Scotty Grubb (Prestigious Properties), Matthew McKechnie (Phoenix Capital Partners), Walton International
• MC: Rick Purdy
• Introducers: Matthew Johnston (White Capital) for Scotty Grubb, Matthew White (White Capital) for Matthew McKechnie, Paul van Bentham for Walton International

2:30 PM – Tax Efficient Investing: Understanding Flow-Through Shares
• Speakers: Steve Elliot (Mineral Fields), Bob Fraser (Syntaris)
• Q & A Panel: Marilyn Riddoch (White Capital)
• MC: Rick Purdy
• Introducers: Matthew White (White Capital) for Steve Elliot & Bob Fraser

3:30 PM – Diversified Income Investing: How to Build a Portfolio of Yield Products
• Speakers: Stephen Johnston (Petrocapita), Matthew McKechnie (Phoenix Capital Partners)
• Q & A Panel: Laurie Trembath (White Capital), Paul Lipoth (Ardent Capital)
• MC: Rick Purdy
• Introducers: Paul van Bentham (White Capital) for Stephen Johnston & Matthew McKechnie

4:30 PM – Energy Investing: Investing Across the Energy Complex for Portfolio Diversification
• Speakers: Jess Larsen (Apollo Energy) & Stephen Johnston (Petrocapita),
• Q & A Panel:
• MC: Rick Purdy
• Introducer: Matthew White

5:30 PM – Wine & Cheese Reception (Invitation Only – Clients/DRs/Product Issuers) / Thank General Attendees & Close Conference to Public
• Speaker: Matthew White (White Capital) – “Thank You & Closing Comments”
• MC: Rick Purdy
• Reception Host/Sponsor: Apollo Energy

6:00 PM – Reception / Conference Ends: “Thank You”
• Speaker: Paul van Bentham (White Capital) – “Thank You & Closing Comments”
• MC: Rick Purdy

Register online at www.realassetsrealreturns.com for this free investment conference or email [email protected].

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