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Friday, May 27, 2011

Event Notice: Alternative Investment Conference (Calgary)

Alternative Investment Conference (Calgary)
Saturday, May 28, 2011
Blackfoot Inn, 5940 Blackfoot Trail Southeast
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

9:00 AM – Registration, Janet Stillwell (White Capital)

[“Invest to Live; Live to Ride” Motorcycle Show ‘N Shine with “Judge” and financial author Mal Spooner in the Blackfoot Inn parking lot.]

9:30 AM – “Rev Up” With Mal Spooner and Stephen Johnston: Insights into Investing and the Global Economy
• Speakers: Mal Spooner (Sienna Capital Management), Stephen Johnston (Agcapita & Petrocapita)
• Q & A Panel: Paul van Bentham (White Capital), Brian Prokop (Petrosands) and Brad Parkes (Union Securities)
• MC: Rick Purdy (White Capital)
• Introducers: Sam Grier (Frontier Consulting) for Mal Spooner, Shawn Williams (White Capital) for Stephen Johnston
• Breakfast Sponsor: Petrocapita

[Chapter’s (Hewitt Gilbert) on-site book signing with Mal Spooner, author of “A Maverick Investors’ Guidebook,” will be open from 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM and again from Noon – 1:30 PM]

10:30 AM – Understanding the Alternative Investment Market: Looking Beyond Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds
• Speakers: Matthew White (White Capital), Dave Wiitala (White Capital)
• Q&A Panel: Kersten Kloss (Peer Diligence), Chris Hamilton (STAD Consulting) & Ron Lessoway (EMDA)
• MC: Rick Purdy (White Capital)
• Introducers: Marilyn Riddoch (White Capital) for Matthew White and Matthew Johnston (White Capital) for Dave Wiitala

11:30 AM – Inflation & Hard Assets: How Energy and Farmland Can Protect Your Portfolio
• Speakers: Stephen Johnston (Agcapita & Petrocapita) & Steve Calderwood (Apollo Energy)
• Q & A Panel: David Demyen (White Capital), Ross Mann (Mises Institute of Canada) and Andrew Jakubiz (Ursa Capital)
• MC: Rick Purdy (White Capital)
• Introducers: Rex McNally (Apollo Energy) for Steve Calderwood, Floyd Campbell (Floyd H. Campbell Law) for Stephen Johnston

12:30 PM – Mal Spooner & Hon. Monte Solberg PC: An Investors Guide to Canada’s Economic & Political Climate
• Speakers: Mal Spooner (Sienna Capital Management), Monte Solberg (Fleishman Hillard Canada)
• Q & A Panel: Steven Glover (Western Plains Petroleum), Richard Truscott (CFIB) and Robert Hawkes (JSS Barristers)
• MC: Rick Purdy (White Capital)
• Introducers: Rob Driscoll (Business Edge) for Monte Solberg, Matthew McKechnie (Phoenix Capital Partners) for Mal Spooner
• Lunch Sponsor: Phoenix Capital Partners

1:30 PM – Real Estate Investing: Identifying the Next Real Estate Bull Market?
• Speakers: Scotty Grubb (Prestigious Properties), Matthew McKechnie (Phoenix Capital Partners), Walton International
• MC: Rick Purdy
• Introducers: Matthew Johnston (White Capital) for Scotty Grubb, Matthew White (White Capital) for Matthew McKechnie, Paul van Bentham for Walton International

2:30 PM – Tax Efficient Investing: Understanding Flow-Through Shares
• Speakers: Steve Elliot (Mineral Fields), Bob Fraser (Syntaris)
• Q & A Panel: Marilyn Riddoch (White Capital)
• MC: Rick Purdy
• Introducers: Matthew White (White Capital) for Steve Elliot & Bob Fraser

3:30 PM – Diversified Income Investing: How to Build a Portfolio of Yield Products
• Speakers: Stephen Johnston (Petrocapita), Matthew McKechnie (Phoenix Capital Partners)
• Q & A Panel: Laurie Trembath (White Capital), Paul Lipoth (Ardent Capital)
• MC: Rick Purdy
• Introducers: Paul van Bentham (White Capital) for Stephen Johnston & Matthew McKechnie

4:30 PM – Energy Investing: Investing Across the Energy Complex for Portfolio Diversification
• Speakers: Jess Larsen (Apollo Energy) & Stephen Johnston (Petrocapita),
• Q & A Panel:
• MC: Rick Purdy
• Introducer: Matthew White

5:30 PM – Wine & Cheese Reception (Invitation Only – Clients/DRs/Product Issuers) / Thank General Attendees & Close Conference to Public
• Speaker: Matthew White (White Capital) – “Thank You & Closing Comments”
• MC: Rick Purdy
• Reception Host/Sponsor: Apollo Energy

6:00 PM – Reception / Conference Ends: “Thank You”
• Speaker: Paul van Bentham (White Capital) – “Thank You & Closing Comments”
• MC: Rick Purdy

Register online at www.realassetsrealreturns.com for this free investment conference or email [email protected].

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