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Friday, January 14, 2011

Under American Eyes

Stephen Harper is a brilliant conservative statesman...compared to Barack Obama:

Now, instead of expanding Canada's welfare state, the conservative government led by Mr. Harper is intent upon building the nation's global competitiveness. Our friends in the Great White North cut their corporate tax rate to 16.5 percent on Jan. 1 and will see it drop to 15 percent next year. That compares to the current U.S. corporate tax rate of 35 percent. That will give Canada the lowest corporate tax rate among the G-7 nations and an eye-popping advantage for businesses wondering whether to locate on the U.S. or Canadian side of the border.

It's not that we're doing well, it's that everyone else is doing much worse.

Posted by Richard Anderson on January 14, 2011 | Permalink


Good point publius. It's easy to sore with Eagles when your next door neighbour is a Kamikaze Pilot on final approach!

Posted by: John Chittick | 2011-01-15 11:20:04 AM

I have often been critical of our present government for not governing as a Conservative government, but we should give credit where credit is due. Can we not do that and take pride in the occasions when our government acts responsibly?

Posted by: Alain | 2011-01-15 12:04:33 PM

That should be "soar". Oops.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2011-01-15 12:41:18 PM

As long as the taxes are not shifted onto the backs of the consumers I'm all for it. Since the Americans own almost everything in this country already I'm not sure it will be that effective. There will be a lot of pressure to keep any industry in the USA to lower their unemployment rate, so I can't see a big corporate rush into this country. I can see a big push for more tariffs against us for anything that can be supplied in the states if their unemployment numbers do'nt drop. We can't compete with China no matter how low our tax rates go and the rest of the world is a basket case for exports too. Oil and gas are keeping us solvent at this time and a lower corporate rate will mean higher profit but nothing for the average Canadian. We found out long ago that " A rising tide lifts all boats" is nonsense.

Posted by: peterj | 2011-01-15 6:39:06 PM

The cost has no place to go but onto the back of the population! The conservatives are busy cutting our social services network!

Our American finance Minister is creating a climate where he can usher in doing away with the Equalization payments. Soon enough too, the CPP as we know it will be gone and with the shake up in the payments, so will our Social Security.

Add this disaster to the push for US style Health care where, if you make more than 20,000 dollars a year you are not eligible for coverage by the province and you have pretty much a picture of what Morton and company are after and they will use any lie or misdirection they can come up with to get there.

They have the tools in place to circumvent or do away with all of those things we think are protecting us in the Federal Government.


The wild rose party have be pushing to do away with the Equalization Payments since their conception. Being founded by the Mormons’ of Southern Alberta they are joined at the hip with Salt Lake city Republicans who themselves are tying to do away with Medicaid in the US.

If you are still stuck on dumb voting Conservative at least take the time to see what you are voting for.

If on the other hand, you are one of the majority who didn't bother to vote you can consider the present mess your fault!

The $14.1B benefit gap

Posted by: cyberclark | 2011-01-16 1:25:16 PM

"Our American finance Minister is creating a climate where he can usher in doing away with the Equalisation payments." by cyberclark

Were we so luckily for this to be true, only Qubec and the Maritimes would be in a tizzy, since one must assume that cyberclark meant our Minister of Finance and not our "American" finance minister. It also indicates a profound ignorance of how things operate in Canada in the after Trudeau era.

Oh and we should all be shaking in our boots at the thought of losing our great socialised health care.

Do try to do a better job of scaremongering.

Posted by: Alain | 2011-01-16 6:19:33 PM

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