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Sunday, January 23, 2011

MSM Plays Up Ezra Levant's Airport "Incident"

Slow news day, eh?

Levant says he initially refused a secondary screening check before he tried to board a flight on Tuesday afternoon."

“Secondary screening is invasive, and I don’t believe it should be done without a reason,” Levant said in a series of emails. “I objected and asked to see a manager.”

Told he couldn’t get on his flight unless he complied, Levant agreed to further screening.

A cellphone photograph taken by another traveller shows what appear to be police officers watching while Levant’s bags are searched.

So, Ezra Levant asks to see an airport manager, and this is news? Wouldn't have anything to do with Ezra's latest book exploding certain Leftist myths? 

Ezra is no longer associated with the Western Standard. Though we wish him well in his battles against the Big Government junk touchers.

Posted by Richard Anderson on January 23, 2011 | Permalink


Ezra should tread carefully around airport security. Most major Canadian airports have contracted their security, and many of them have hired a big majority of rag heads. Kinda like hiring a fox to guard the hen house. A clean cut Jew like Ezra is at considerable risk by harassing them.

Posted by: dp | 2011-01-23 2:40:43 PM

If this is a case of a single person being singled out for harassment, the matter should be rung out far and wide. No doubt this incident will give Ezra considerable meat on his new show. One wonders why someone like Ezra, clean and entirely inoffensive looking, would be singled out in this manner? Being a defender of Liberty makes one a member of an identifiable and hostile minority these days?

Posted by: AB Patriot | 2011-01-24 3:17:42 AM

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