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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Green Gangsters: Wind Power Meets the Mafia

Spot the racketeers:

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the Mafia has begun stealing millions from the EU through a sure-fire scheme—wind energy. Enticed by government underwriting of renewable energies—Brussels ordered all 27 EU nations to use one-fifth renewable energy by 2020—the Mob has focused on its own backyard. (Italian wind power sells at Europe's highest rate, a guaranteed 180 euros per kilowatt-hour.) In 2008's Operation "Eolo"—named after the Greek god of winds Aeolus—eight alleged Mafiosi in the Sicilian coastal town of Mazara del Vallo were charged with bribing officials with luxury cars for a piece of the wind energy revenue. Police wiretaps recorded one man saying, "Not one turbine blade will be built in Mazara unless I agree to it."

The difference between the government backed Green power peddlers and the Mob? The Mob doesn't outsource its revenue collection efforts.

Posted by Richard Anderson on January 22, 2011 | Permalink


The difference between Ontario's Feed in Tariff rates for (non-hydro) "renewables" and Italy's is that one is likely simply insane and the other, criminally insane.

At 180 Euros per KWH you could harness people to pedals and sustain around 100 W for $23.75 per hour.

This works out to about 4 to 5000 times the cost of what the Chi-coms (or us, if we wanted to) are bringing on new (coal-fired) electrical capacity. No wonder they think they can bury us!

Greens are far more dangerous to liberty and prosperity than the commies ever were. And don't confuse their pseudo-environmentalism with real science.

As a civilizational disorder, innumeracy is eventually fatal.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2011-01-22 12:12:23 PM

Maybe there'll be a gang war. The green movement has always been a form of organized crime. I wonder if the enviro-gangsters are up to competing with the real thing? Something tells me they're in for a rude awakening.

Posted by: dp | 2011-01-22 1:45:19 PM

Sopranos versus tree huggers! I say put them all in a cage match fight. Gentleman, place your bets!

Posted by: Ed | 2011-01-22 2:03:33 PM

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