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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Off The Rails

To put it mildly:

The Toronto Police Service “has made many public mistakes over the last 72 hours,” one Ontario Provincial Police officer wrote to another during the controversial crackdown on protesters during last June's international summit. “The public has largely supported police security operations for G20. What is not supported is the actions by TPS and the inconsistencies of answers they continue to provide….”


The internal e-mail, which explained why the OPP and the RCMP declined to participate in a joint news conference with their municipal counterparts, is the latest indication that the Toronto force went off the rails last summer. And along with other revelations on Tuesday, it stands to put even more heat on embattled Police Chief Bill Blair.

Yeap. Even the OPP and RCMP thought Bill Blair went too far.

Posted by Richard Anderson on December 11, 2010 | Permalink


There's nothing like statists who fight among themselves in public, point fingers at each other, and call the other a (bigger) fascist. No doubt Blair's head will roll for this, but he is only a sacrificial lamb. Another far worse one will take his place.

Posted by: AB Patriot | 2010-12-11 5:59:03 PM

I feel that one of the problems with the G20 was bringing in police forces from all over the country. When that is done it turns into a competition to see who is the best cop (badest) on the block and the attitude goes from preserving law and order to "watch how real cops handle this". With a national spotlight shining on every skirmish the common sense factor can evaporate quickly.

Posted by: peterj | 2010-12-13 8:26:26 PM

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