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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dosanjh in the Dock

And you thought Canadian Human Rights Tribunals were a pain:

Jatinder Singh Grewal, a member of a group called Sikhs for Justice, has launched a complaint against Dosanjh and a court in Chandigarh, India, will hear the case on Dec. 10.

The 25-year-old man from Brampton, Ont., accuses Dosanjh of making defamatory remarks about Sikh youth when the MP was at a news conference in India this fall. Dosanjh was there promoting a documentary about his life.

The Liberal MP's crime? Denouncing terrorist elements within the Sikh community. Keep in mind that Dosanjh is himself a Sikh. Many conservatives complain about how Canadian politicians are too gutless to denounce terrorist influences within some of Canada's minority groups. Well, here is an MP doing exactly that, and has been doing it for more than a quarter of a century. He was even beaten up for speaking out against terrorism. You may not agree with much of Dosanjh's politics - he is an ardent supporter of Medicare - but his courage deserves to be recognized.

Posted by Richard Anderson on December 12, 2010 | Permalink


This little article seems to be a propaganda BS by the so called journalist rather than attempt to give a fair and balanced view about the story.
Dosanjh- an apologist for the the genocidal policies of Indian Government has been defaming the Sikhs in Canada at the behest of his Hindu masters. This is just an attempt to make him accountable for his lies. Brain washed Canadian media ( sections of it perhaps bought) has been conveniently used by Hindu agencies to silence the voices of truth and justice.

Posted by: Teg | 2010-12-12 7:51:53 AM

Yup, if there's one one overarching concern that determines the Western Standard's position on political issues, it's pleasing the shadowy Hindu power elite who control the media.

Teg, you are one sharp cookie.

Posted by: Spazmo | 2010-12-12 11:05:21 AM

The actual underlying issue is that Sikh's who are born and raised in Canada are being branded as terrorists.

I am a proud Canadian. Canada is my home - not India.

Being a turbaned Sikh in the professional world makes it very difficult for you to answer to your colleagues at work when comments like this are made. I fear that I will not get a promotion at work or people may view me differently when that is clearly not the case.

I believe in alot of things that Mr. Dosanjh says but when I am being branded as a terrorist by him - thats when I have a problem.

This BS article doesn't even scracth the surface of the actual underlying issue.

Shame on you Mr. Dosanjh. Rest asuure that I personally will vote conservative during the next election and so will my family (we all reside in your constituency). Enough is Enough! Last time you only won by a few votes - this time I will be looking forward to the outcome.

Posted by: B-Singh | 2010-12-12 2:02:06 PM

B-Singh: Perhaps the reason you won't get a promotion at work has more to do with employers catching on to the sikh strategy of getting into key positions, then forcing white people out of every position under their control. You've done this in almost every pulp mill in BC and AB. You're attempting to take over countless other institutions by intimidation, and race-based hiring. Truth is, most of you are quite happy with the terrorist reputation. Sort of like greasy bikers trying to pretend they're as dangerous as the hells angels. Every time one of you looks a white man in the eye, you're more than happy to have him believe you're capable of ultra-violent acts.

Posted by: dp | 2010-12-12 3:07:20 PM

Interesting comment thread.

First I'm accused of being in the pay of the vast Hindu conspiracy, then the vast Sikh conspiracy. This is certainly a change. I'm usually accused of being in the pay of the Jews, or occasionally the Muslims. With that kind of cash flow, I often wonder why I don't retire already.

Of course, no other groups in this country have either now, or ever in the past, shown favouritism toward their own kind, or disagreement with members of other groups. It just started happening a few years ago, and is entirely the fault of people from just one part of the world.

I recall when, about twenty years ago, the fear was that the lower mainland of BC was going to be taken over by the Chinese. These fears have now been laid to rest, because the Indians are supposedly taking over.

But don't worry, some other group will come along and try to take over in a few years. Then all the other groups will join together, and pick on them.

Once upon a time people said exactly the same thing about the Irish, the Italians and many others. But they were European, so I guess that was different or something.

For the record Publius - and I suspect the owners of the WS - are opposed to statists, and bigots, of all parties and factions. You don't fight collectivism with more collectivism.

Posted by: Publius | 2010-12-12 3:49:32 PM

I admit to Dosanjh's political views being appalling since the best one can say is that he qualifies as a soft communist or hard socialist. That said I question the claim that he said all Sikhs or all Sikh youths are terrorists. He is on record for opposing Sikh violence in Canada and I applaud him for that. We should have Muslim and Aboriginal politicians doing the same.

Thanks to identity politics we have comments from a few Sikhs bent out of shape which does not help the issue. Most Sikhs I know are peaceful, law abiding citizens and I am unaware of anyone taring them with the same brush as the terrorists. What I and most people resent and reject is the attitude that no one has the right to criticise anything or anyone if they are Sikh, for to do so means they are racist - or in this case part of the "big Hindu" conspiracy. Good grief! I suggest you get a life, since Sikhs, like any group, are not all the same and certainly not all perfect. Time to move beyond the identity politics and special treatment based on religion, sex, colour or ethnic group.

Posted by: Alain | 2010-12-12 6:33:36 PM

DP: I sense a little bit of racism or prejudice or even some jealousy?

Whats the matter? are you employed for a Sikh? or are you jealous that Sikhs have immigrated from India and have become multi millionaires? Are you having troubles affording a house? Banks not giving you loans? are you upset that we know how to woo politicians? or are you upset that we all drive nice cars?

maybe you should think a little harder and understand that when we come to this country we work 15 hour days and save every penny possible and work our A$$es off.

To answer your post - I am a Canadian born Sikh and I don't hate. I don't believe in terrorism and believe me - it really upsets me when someone paints me with that brush. The unfortunate thing is that a few bad people have given us all a bad name. I would expect an educated person to see that. Maybe in your case you were not fortunate enough to attain a proper education in this country. I see all people as equals and I have no intention of forcing anyone out of any job or any role.

your comment is pathetic.

Posted by: B-Singh | 2010-12-13 3:36:17 PM

DP`s comment is not so pathetic. It comes very close to being the truth and you know it.
You people have done this in the wood mills of BC and Alberta starting in the early seventies, most of the pulp mills in the same two provinces somewhat later, the gravel trucking business and of course the taxi business. You come in and cut wages to gain an advantage and kill the possibility of anyone making a good wage at that business ever again.

``maybe you should think a little harder and understand that when we come to this country we work 15 hour days and save every penny possible and work our A$$es off.``

I`m sure you do, most people work very hard to get ahead in this country.

It sure doesn`t hurt that the Canadian system gives people just like you all sorts of breaks that Canadian-born citizens can`t enjoy.

Your snivelling comments make me sick. You get ahead because the system here highly favours you.

Posted by: Ed Ellison | 2010-12-13 7:04:28 PM

Just returned to this post and find what I call identity politics continuing from the opposite side under "you people". Again may I state that it is always folly to attempt to claim everyone from any group is the same. Secondly while I can understand the frustration of various businesses being "taken over" by another group, unless this is done illegally it amounts to sour grapes. To my awareness no laws were broken in the process, nor was a different group prevented from doing the same thing. Personally I have no time nor patience with any group claiming none of their members can be criticised, but then the same goes for others wanting to tar the whole group with the same brush. We may all belong to different groups (tribes) but we are all human beings warts and all.

Posted by: Alain | 2010-12-14 2:38:30 PM

Well Said Alain:
I think everyone in this thread is forgetting what the underlying issue is. Being Canadians, we should not be pointing fingers at eachother over things like this. The actual issue is regarding Mr. Dosanjh's comments.

Is it fair to paint ALL Sikh's with one brush because of the bad actions of a few individuals?

Is it fair to paint the next generation of Sikh's as terrorists or extremists because of the mistakes of a few uneducated people?

The next generation of Sikh's is trying very hard to become a part of Canadian mainstream society and comments like these damage the reputation of all Sikh's.

Posted by: Singh | 2010-12-14 10:34:23 PM

Just returned to this post to find the soft and soothing words of appeasement wrapped in a cloak of unbelievable moral self-righteousness.

You may state whatever you like Alain, this is an opinion blog after all, just be prepared for some responses.

"Again may I state that it is always folly to attempt to claim everyone from any group is the same."
Thanks for putting words in my mouth. Why are you trying to spin this into something more than I intended while enhancing your own morally superior (at least in your mind) positon?

"To my awareness no laws were broken in the process, nor was a different group prevented from doing the same thing."
In other words you know nothing about this but you have decided that you have an opinion and a position. Once you have seen it and felt it first hand you might want to express something other than "you shouldn't say bad things". What I have seen amounts to racketeering and extortion in the workplace, and if it was white guys trying to pull this off there would have been serious sanctions. Identity politics will not disappear until all Canadian citizens of all demographic groups behave civilly and are treated the same under the law.

Mr. Singh, the real issue here is that Mr. Dosanjh feels that there is a terrorist element to your society, and you don't like him expressing his belief that that is the case, no?
If his opinions are groundless, then why is he being threatened?
If you want negative opinions about your demographic to disappear, then your demographic has to strive to make the stereotype disappear, not the opposite.

Posted by: Ed Ellison | 2010-12-16 6:58:30 AM


My demographic is not trying to make Mr. Dosanjh disappear. We just want him to stop making comments that paint my whole demographic with the same brush. This isn't about trying to silence him - its about getting an apologiy or some sort of clarity for the comments that he has made.

I totally understand where you are comming from. My demographic also has to strive to make this stereotype disappear but when the WHOLE demographic is painted by one brush by an elected official, it becomes difficult for us to fight that stereotype.

We just want clarity or an apology.

Posted by: Singh | 2010-12-17 11:14:19 AM

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