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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Trudeau Cult at its Worst

To those wondering just how far the Trudeau obsession goes in Canada's Toronto-centric media, look no further! The Toronto Star has hit bottom and kept digging! No, it's not another retrospective on the life of the Northern Magus, thrilling though that would be. Not even a whining editorial about how the modern day Iggy Liberals need to rediscover the élan of their Trudeau era forebears. That's a typical week for the editorial board at #1 Yonge Street. No, The Toronto Star has resorted to what is the ethical equivalent of stalking Trudeau's nineteen year old daughter.

Let me be quite clear, I'm not saying that the Star reporter did anything illegal, I'm sure it was all vetted quite carefully by the battalion of lawyers they keep on retainer, I'm just saying it was morally obscene.

As regular readers of this space will know, I'm not an admirer of Pierre Trudeau, nor I am quite all the way into full blown Trudeau derangement syndrome. He was a colourful figure in the very grey world of Canadian politics. Along with Laurier - who had better politics and sartorial taste - and Macdonald - who was a fun-loving and witty boozer - Trudeau is one of the few Canadian Prime Ministers to have been personally interesting. The rest of them come off as overly earnest Sunday school teachers - as some of them were - or overly ambitious ward-heelers.

Otherwise Trudeau was a pretty standard issue European-style socialist "renaissance man." Impressive to the colonials in North America, but a Euro-a-dozen petty aristocrat on the older side of the Atlantic. But young love being what it is, he still haunts us and, thus, the Star felt compelled to haunt the teenage Sarah Coyne.

Now this isn't a puff piece on one of Trudeau's off-spring. The two surviving boys, which Trudeau had by Margaret, have to varying degrees tolerated or sought out the public spotlight. Justin is, as we are reminded ad nauseum, a Quebec MP and the uncrowned prince of whatever remains of the Liberal Party. 

Sarah Coyne was born of a liaison with constitutional lawyer Deborah Coyne, a distant cousin of the columnist Andrew Coyne. The elder Coyne has kept very quiet about the affair and has shielded her daughter's privacy. Well, Sarah turned nineteen this year, so I guessed the Star assumed she was now fair game.

This piece in last week's Star was clearly done without Sarah Coyne's consent. A photograph of the teenage Coyne was splashed across the front page of the Star on Wednesday. The obviously fuzzy image, complete with red eyes, a sign that the photo was likely taken from a distance, and perhaps without Sarah's knowledge or consent. The article is filled with general knowledge about the family and Sarah, as well as vague background information, which the reporter seems to have gleaned hanging around the University of Pennsylvania's campus. There is even a collection of photos

Let's recap, the Star sent a reporter to a foreign university campus to, essentially, collect gossip about the teenage daughter of a politician who left office in 1984. Slow news day isn't the word. This technically legal bit of politically themed voyeurism was capped off by this nice dollop of drool:

But hers is the untold story of the only daughter of the Northern Magus — the provocative aristocrat with a dazzling charm who captivated this nation in 1968 and led it for 16 years as prime minister.

Twenty bucks says either the reporter, or editor, has a positively gushy Trudeau story. Residents of the Imperial Capital, who are not left-wing boomers, have had to endure listening to these over the years. Some of my teachers had "the experience" of meeting Pierre. The stories are pretty much the same. They met him walking down a street in Montreal. They met him at party. They were a student when he was teaching law. It's like they'd meet Elvis or something.

This cult of personality, better fitting a Third World hell hole, and not one of the world's oldest liberal-democracies, has lead to this journalistic disgrace: The invasion of privacy of an inoffensive teenage girl trying to get an education. Her mother was not amused:

Re: Trudeau’s little girl is all grown up: Sarah, in her sophomore year, Nov. 24

I am writing in response to this article. While the Star acknowledged that Sarah did not consent in any way to the article, it is important to underscore the extent to which her wishes were disrespected. She and I recognize there is a curious public. We also trust that same public would agree that no young woman should be subject to the unfortunate tactics that were employed to breach her personal privacy.

As a mother I take this issue very seriously and I like to think others will also. The Toronto Star has every right to ask my daughter if she wishes to adopt a more public posture. In turn, she has every right to expect that when she says no, her answer will be respected with the same degree of dignity and courtesy that she always takes care to demonstrate. Regrettably, that expectation appears to have been poorly founded. I hope and I trust that in the future your paper will respect reasonable privacy boundaries.

Deborah Coyne, Toronto

An admirably restrained response. I doubt my political opinions coincide much with Deborah Coyne, and perhaps yours don't as well. Not really the point. It will likely matter to them not a wit, but let me express by sympathies to both ladies. They don't deserve this treatment. The Toronto Star is noted for its near paranoid fear of American influences in Canadian culture, and yet they have behaved as badly as any Kennedy obsessed American tabloid.

I long considered simply ignoring this story, rather than compound the initial wrong. Yet I don't think we should let the Star get away with this. The editors responsible for this invasion of Sarah Coyne's privacy should be ashamed of themselves. With so many genuine problems facing Canada, they devoted their time and energy to this trash. Paper of record my ass.


Posted by Richard Anderson on November 30, 2010 | Permalink


This is just the latest instance of the leftist media's plan to hold up Trudeau as some kind of saint. They saw how it worked in the U.S., with JFK looked upon as some sort of amazing leader post-mortem. Sad, but I don't see them relenting any time soon.

Posted by: LP Sullivan | 2010-11-30 7:34:04 AM

Maybe The Star thinks of Deborah Coyne as beneath the "Northern Magus" and therefore not any more worthy of respect than regular peons who are subject to commentary on themselves and their family. Or maybe the Coynes are just getting the Royal treatment.

Posted by: Agha Ali Arkhan | 2010-12-01 10:47:12 PM

I noticed in the linked article about her days at Penn U promoting violence against women awareness, using men as props.

Typical leftist, completely ignoring the myriad ways men are victimized in society. Libturd.

Posted by: Lovekraft | 2010-12-05 12:46:28 PM

Just another effort to paint the Trudeau's progeny as our next generation of leadership. Fools! Leftists and statists everywhere would have us believe that Trudeau's spawn are somehow divinely ordained to rule over us all. Nonsense! Deborah Coyne, no doubt in a surge of irrational devotion to her leader, sought out his seed so she could be among the chosen. That only proves how delirious Trudeau's followers are. Clearly, these people, like all their fellow travellers, are insane and worthy of marginalization, if not out right destruction. Fortunately, their irrational cult, sworn enemies of Liberty, will die off, and not too soon.

Posted by: AB Patriot | 2010-12-05 4:43:32 PM

Another reason to root for Iggy`s continued leadership ; another Magus lurks on the Liberal backbenches , just biding his time. If the women vote with their hormones once again [ and of course they will ] then we`re screwed again . The man hating Sarah and the efete Justin . What a dream team for the new castrati over at the Red Star.

Posted by: daveh | 2010-12-06 12:02:32 PM

Time to dispose of this perverted thing called Canada. It is a land that prizes perversions and vices of every description, where women are encouraged to be man-hating harpies, while men are forced to become effeminate, cowering at the loss of their masculinity. A Free Alberta will be a land of free men and women, not the bizarre facsimiles produced by the fevered minds of liberals and statists.

Posted by: AB Patriot | 2010-12-06 3:35:39 PM

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