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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Can't Tell the Government Players Without A Program

The court circulars of the aristocracy of the pull:

Although $5,700 for a subscription to Bloomberg Government might sound steep to you, it's chump change for businessmen who become the first in their cohort to read Line 125 in a pending bit of legislation and can place a bet on— or against—it in the market. Nor is this kind of high-priced government news anything new. The newsletters, which these new tip sheets resemble, have made millionaires out of hard-working journalists. Just last week, the Washington Post ran a profile of two gentlemen who started a Washington newsletter company 33 years ago and whose sales were estimated at $463 million in 2008. They're so rich now that they own Atlanta's NBA and NHL franchises.

An entire news service, dedicated to warning businessmen about what thunderbolt might destroy their livelihoods. Beneath the high-sermons of the Left, this is the grubby reality. 

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