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Monday, November 29, 2010

Being Savaged By a Dead Sheep

That was Bob Rae's description of being attacked by Joe Clark. The same description can probably be applied to Justin Trudeau's personal attack on Julian Fantino:

“I was so shocked to find out what Julian Fantino thinks about the Charter,” Mr. Trudeau says, his voice heavy with disapproval.

“Fantino said, and I quote ‘Who has reaped the greatest benefit from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? I would argue that, if it isn’t common criminals, then it must be the Hells Angels.’ We need people in Ottawa who want to protect the Charter of Rights, not tear it down. That’s what’s at stake in this election in Vaughan.”

Watch the video. I laughed and cried. He's got a moustache and is in full drama teacher mode. Never in the course of Canadian political history has so much good, been expressed so badly. This is a rare story when I'm conflicted about the participants. I don't like Julian Fantino or Justin Trudeau. To borrow from an American politician, why can't they both lose? 

Sadly democracy doesn't work like that. In fairness, the text of Justin's little rant is actually pretty good. He's essentially calling out Fantino for saying that individual rights get in the way of maintaining law and order. A fine point, and faint hope that the party of Laurier isn't completely dead. Though Iggy seems to be working hard at finishing it off. 

Fantino replied:

After serving for over 40 years as a police officer,” he told The Globe in an email Friday afternoon, “I don't need any lectures on law and order from a novice member of the 'hug-a-thug' Ignatieff party.

He's already memorized the Tory-lingo. Nice. Clearly a quick study. In point of fact Iggy doesn't actually hug thugs. Most thugs are poor people, and they might stain the material. I believe a low-level staffer is responsible for the actual thug-hugging, for any of the thugs who come into the Liberal Leader's Etobicoke constituency office. I think it's usually done on Friday mornings, so the thugs have time to knock off liquor stores in the evening.

Justin Trudeau is a clown, a caricature of an overwrought Leftist, desperately trying to channel his dead father. Julian Fantino has an authoritarian streak, when it suits him, emitting the sound track of a schoolyard cops and robbers game. When genuine law and order needed to be dispensed, and when the villains were real and violent, he caved to a pack of elected non-entities. The tragedy of Caledonia was the sad result of the OPP's inaction. As the then commissioner, he bears responsibility for that inaction.

The thought of voting in another Liberal hack, no doubt, pains many sincere conservatives. There is, however, something much bigger at stake. A Liberal victory in Vaughan will just add another voting machine to the party's Ottawa rump. A Conservative victory will give the overseer of the Caledonia tragedy not just a seat in Parliament, but possibly a seat at the cabinet table.

It will also give to Stephen Harper a political trophy, which he will use to push forward with a law and order agenda that targets petty drug users, while taking away time and resources from fighting genuine violent criminals. The Prime Minister and his "new best friend" talk a tough line. As the last five years have shown for both men, they can't walk it.


Posted by Richard Anderson on November 29, 2010 | Permalink


One should hold one's nose and vote for the Fantino. There's no hard choice here. The Conservatives are the manly, sensible, patriotic choice. The other parties are just so much vile.

Posted by: Agha Ali Arkhan | 2010-11-29 1:12:09 PM

I admit to knowing naught about Fantino but who but other flakes and air-heads could possibly take J. Trudeau seriously on any matter. Now if only he had had enough sense to get a normal job and a real life, I would have been able to feel sympathy for him being Trudeau's son. Having personally lived through the Trudeau era, I have nothing good to say about the PM who did his best and the most to destroy our great country.

Posted by: Alain | 2010-11-29 6:12:14 PM

You don't have to take Justin Trudeau seriously to oppose Julian Fantino.

Posted by: Bradley | 2010-11-29 7:54:37 PM

Justin is a toad and Fantino is only slightly better! The original thinking of the charter may have been to establish a written set of individual rights but that is not what has happened. Instead, you have had corrupt activist judges who have twisted the meanings of each sentence to fit their political agendas. In reality, the charter has become more about the power of the judiciary than the rights of individual Canadians. If you want to really have a national discussion, call for a second charter or a Canadian Constitutional Convention. Second, Fantino is correct when he refers to Liberals as hug the thug types. Liberals and the NDP have spent the last 50 years weakening our laws and excusing the behavior of criminals. The problem is that Fantino is not really that tough on crime. He wimped out on Caledonia. His claim to fame is that he is a career law enforcement officer. However, what new ideas or policies(justice and otherwise) would he bring to the table. Fantino's only advantage is that the Liberal, NDP, and Green party alternatives are worse! Picking Fantino is all about winning over voters in a heavily Italian seat by finding the right candidate of Italian ancestry to run. Its more about playing to an ethnic base than really looking for a quality candidate. Its completely stupid because similar ethnicity doesn't necessarily mean that the guy will do a good job. Sometimes the best candidate is one who doesn't quite fit the demographics of the district. In Louisiana, there are very few Indian Americans. However, that has not stopped Republican Bobby Jindal from being elected and maintaining a 74% approval rating. Why is this? Its because Jindal is a true conservative who knows how to create a friendly business environment. The political situation in Canada will never get better until Canadians move outside their traditional voting blocs. For too long, Italian Canadians like Black Canadians and French Cnaadians have let themselves be betrayed by the Liberal Party. A party with no ideas and the principles of a septic tank. I'm catholic and ethnic but I park my votes on the right. I look for the most conservative candidates running and vote for them. If it is a Conservative, then I vote conservative. When it was Reform, I voted Reform. When it was Social Credit, I voted Social Credit. I don't care what color or ethnicity the candidate running is. For me, it is all about the ideology to me. I have agendas that I want candidates to push. If a candidate doesn't support my positions, then he can be my blood relative and I will still not vote for him. Wake up Canada and drop the racial and ethnic bloc voting! It is just one more method that the Liberals have used to keep us under their thumbs.

Posted by: Elmer | 2010-11-29 8:23:27 PM

Activist judges, oddly acting HRCs, molly-coddling Fantinos, bloc-voting ethnics: veritable nests of incipient psychos. With a little shove, the system could generate a wave of zieg-heilers as a counter reaction to the liberal miasma. But that would never happen in Canada.

Posted by: Agha Ali Arkhan | 2010-11-30 10:55:05 AM

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