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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All Loyal Tories Go To Heaven

And Loyola Hearn is going to Ireland:

Loyola Hearn, for good and faithful service, has been made Ambassador to Ireland.

The affable Newfoundlander was a fixture in the Progressive Conservative Party and then in Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, before retiring from political life. His name leapt out of Friday’s listing of the latest diplomatic appointments by the Harper government.

Canada has a mixed system, in which career public servants fill some embassies and high commissions, while former politicians take other spots. Ireland is very much of the latter category.

It's not exactly a dangerous country, Ireland. It is also a very pretty one. The crooners used to sing about how Ireland must be heaven, because their mothers came from there. Well it is certainly heaven for patronage hungry politicos. Stephen Harper promised a new kind of government. He has certainly delivered a new set of patronage appointees. Meanwhile, Mad Max does the libertarian rubber chicken circuit

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