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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Pity the Bureaucrat

Going, going and gone:

A major think-tank is predicting that government employment in the capital region could drop by 6,200 jobs or 3.9 per cent next year as federal budget restraints bite, chilling the strongest growth in a decade.

The Conference Board of Canada forecast Tuesday that economic growth in Ottawa-Gatineau will slide from a robust 3.7 per cent this year to 2.5 per cent next year and average just 2.4 per cent over the following three years.

The capital region will fall from sixth place in the growth race among major cities to 12th place.

Not putting money on this one. Government does not shrink, it merely grows less slowly, or grows in different areas. These are, in any case, just think-tank guesses. From time to time politicians will make a spectacle of firing a batch of public servants - to show how the pain is being shared - but rarely are those being released unionized government employees. Laying off a few part-time data-entry clerks will do little to balance the budget. Taking on the might of CUPE would require political courage, the rarest of all political commodities.

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Fire them all and privatize the civil service.

Posted by: Momar | 2010-10-05 5:42:19 PM

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