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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Two letters from soldiers

As some of you may be aware, my parents were charged for running a "commercial conference centre" for letting me host the Liberty Summer Seminar on their property. This year was the tenth year that I've hosted the LSS on my parents' property. But, this year, the municipality has decided to crack down on my folks.

I put together a press release, and me and my family have appeared in the National Post, twice, in the Sun, in the Oshawa This Week, even in the Toronto Star. Ezra Levant wrote a column about it. I appeared on the Charles Adler show twice (hosted by Roy Green), as well as the John Oakley show (you can hear audio from all three here).

The response from the public has been encouraging, and overwhelming.

In particular, we've received letters from active members of the Canadian Forces. One from a man serving in Afghanistan, the other from a high school friend of mine who teaches young people in Bowmanville, which is part of the municipality of Clarington.

You can read the full letters here. But here are a few excerpts from those letters:

My friend John writes:

"I feel ashamed. To think that something like this can happen in Canada...

"In addition to my full time job, I go out to Bowmanville to teach teens things like seamanship skills, and citizenship. Occasionally, we give them lessons about WWII around Remembrance Day, and the Battle of Atlantic Sunday, including the evils of fascism and tyranny. It’s sad to see that despite our best lessons, these evil seeds are taking root in this rather nice community."

Gilles, meanwhile, on active duty in Afghanistan, writes:

"I’ve been defending our country for many years, but I never thought that what I was defending was the right of over-zealous bylaw enforcers to bully a family business over a backyard BBQ.

"What if a similar Hero’s Ride were to be organized when I get back next spring from my tour, but instead of ending it at the Bowmanville exit on Hwy 401, some participants pulled into the Jaworskis’ Bed and Breakfast for a BBQ, would your Bylaw officers once again employ the same heartless uncommon anti-social tactics? Of course, no such event is planned, but the freedom to do so seems only natural, but not, it seems, in your most unfriendly municipality.

"While I’m here in Afghanistan, or as I have been throughout my career, defending those freedoms Canadians enjoy, it appears the Jaworskis are not entitled to such freedom, regardless of how many heroes have died to ensure that those freedoms exist."

You can read the whole of the letters here.

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