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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Orono Weekly Times: "Seminar fallout gives Clarington a bad rap"

It was bound to happen. I've been buckling down and anticipating a negative media story about the Liberty Summer Seminar, and the decision, by the municipality, to charge my mom and dad for letting me host the LSS on my parents' property in Orono. I just didn't expect it to come from the local paper.

One reason why I didn't expect it is because I used to write a weekly column for the Orono Weekly Times, and had a great relationship with the editor, Marg Zwart, who wrote the opinion piece.

I also didn't expect it because I didn't hear back from the Orono Times after sending them a press release about the charges that my parents are facing. No one called us. So I figured the newspaper had decided not to write about my family because, maybe, it represented a "conflict of interest" for my former editor to write about me and my family.

But she did write about my family. There was a news story, as well as a more recent opinion piece. Both are unsympathetic, and both hinge on "facts" that aren't so. Facts that I could have cleared up through a simple email or phone conversation. The Orono Weekly Times is the only media outlet that did not get in touch with us (although they did get in touch with the Chief Bylaw Officer in the municipality).

But never mind. Take a read through the blog post I put up on the website chronicling what we've been calling the "Clarington saga." I will post up a response there once I hear back about whether or not my response will be published in the newspaper next Wednesday.

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