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Thursday, July 29, 2010

WS/LP joint poll: Conservatives want to scrap the mandatory long-form census -- what do you think?

Had about enough of the census debate? Yeah, us too, really. Brian Lee Crowley from the Macdonald-Laurier Institute suggests we call issues that matter a great deal only to those in government buildings (or the media and academics that care very much about what happens in those buildings) as "Inside K1A" issues.

We like that description. And the census seems like a K1A thing. But, who knows, maybe you care a great deal. So give us your opinion.

This is a joint poll of the Western Standard and Libertas Post.

Here's our page on WS on the census. And here's the Jedi Census website we (especially Robert Jago) threw together to poke fun at the whole issue.

[Note: Obviously unscientific. It's not like the census. It's just meant to be fun, etc.]

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Ok, so at the moment it's 6 people from North America against the long form vs 1 bloke in Europe who loves government. Hilarious.

Posted by: K Stricker | 2010-07-29 9:34:29 AM

Actually, it is scrapping neither the form nor the questions on them. It is merely making it voluntary while also sending it to more households. So unless there's been a further policy change since the one that has the chattering classes up in arms over nothing, the question is not valid.

In theory, I support the decision, if only because it makes government that much less intrusive. But I really don't see the problem either way, and it wouldn't be garnering nearly the attention it has if the media had anything else to dwell on.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2010-07-29 10:15:33 AM

Its a half-measure. Making it voluntary is good, but the data is valuable (and, actually, anonymized) its accuracy is important. Rather than this simplistic approach, the gov't, if it were really interested in getting good data while respecting individuals rights to NOT fill out the form should they choose not too, need to explore alternative means of gathering. Dan Gardiner had a great column on it the other day.

But considering what they did, I have to question the motivation. It sure smells like they are trying to blind themselves to the accurate data that inconveniently does not jive with their ideological stances (see Stats Can crime stats vs Law and Order agenda as but one example).

I am concerned that the census allows special interest groups to use the data to promote statism, but that has nothing to do with the data itself. The data is also used by businesses and entrepreneurs to do good business and make money too. Rather than not collecting the data, why not just argue that the data does not mean that statist, intrusive measures are required. You can't get and ought from and is, after all.

All that to say, I could not vote in your poll because none of the options seem to match my stance.

Posted by: Mike | 2010-07-30 6:30:10 AM

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