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Friday, July 16, 2010

WS on the census: Fraser Institute's Niels Velduis with the libertarian objection

Niels Velduis, Senior Economist at the Fraser Institute had many interesting things to to say to The Globe & Mail, but I appreciate that he raised the quintessentially libertarian objection:

While every household must answer basic questions when the census-takers come calling, about one-fifth of Canadians have traditionally been required, under threat of fines or jail time, to respond to a lengthy list of 50-plus enquiries about their home, work lives and ethnicity.

“It's obviously much cheaper to get the data if you're forcing people to answer these questionnaires than it would be if you had to voluntarily get them to respond,” Mr. Veldhuis says.

“But that doesn't make the decision to force people to do it right.”

Read the rest.

(h/t @msccust)

More WS of the welcome demise of the long-form census: P.M. Jaworski, Walter Block, J.J. McCullough, Terrence Watson, Martin Masse on colbertisme, Hugh MacIntyre (after returning from the dark side of threatening innocents) and Publius.

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