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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Spirit of '76

Posted by Richard Anderson on July 4, 2010 | Permalink


I hope one day Cdns will wake up and realize how well constructed the American constitution was and is. The constitution trudeau gave us is made to centralize power for the Feds. Of course the dumbed down Cdn. masses wont see the problems of the American people as a warning for them, until they are neck deep in the same mess. Many of you allready know this, for those of you who want to learn more look to LewRockwell.com, Infowars, Max Keiser report, Gerald Celente's Trends Research.

Posted by: mikeg | 2010-07-04 9:13:13 AM

For those of you who dont mind reading longer articles, a blog site Colonel6's Blog, has some greatstuff too. If you prefer to sit back and watch, check out Bill Still's new documentary The Secret Of Oz.

Posted by: mikeg | 2010-07-04 9:40:40 AM

I LOVE 1776! You omitted my favorite song from that musical, "Molasses to Rum".

Yes, the US Constitution is very well constructed. Let this be a lesson: how can a bunch of slaveowning, Indian-land speculating rich white men merge the whole of 18th Century Enlightenment thinking into a four-page masterpiece, that has only been amended in earnest 27 times over 219 years. Trudeau's minions, on the other hand, came up with a narrow-minded atrocity designed to keep power in the hands of the few in Ontario and Quebec. Oh, the irony.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2010-07-04 10:16:25 PM

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