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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Open thread: Tories to end affirmative action for federal jobs

From the Globe & Mail:

The Conservatives say race and ethnicity shouldn't enter into the hiring process for federal jobs and have ordered a review of affirmative action policies.

They want to look at government hiring practices, which currently give priority to qualified applicants from minority groups.

New Democrat MP Pat Martin called the move a “full-frontal attack on affirmative action.”

Read the rest.

Speak amongst yourselves.

Posted by Mike Brock on July 22, 2010 | Permalink



Census, end of affirmative action....please oh please be the beginning of a trend.

Posted by: Cytotoxic | 2010-07-22 6:38:06 PM

Good. It’s high time this contemptible charade was put to pasture. I don’t care if the chosen candidate is man, woman, white, black, red, yellow, or a green hermaphrodite with purple polka dots. I want the best fit for the position, period.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2010-07-22 7:31:57 PM

Lets see if the MSM goes as bonkers on this issue as they have over the census. Maybe they can find someone who will claim that the Harper Tories made the census voluntary so that it will be harder to find incidents of institutionalized racism brought about by an end to affirmative action.

Posted by: Dennis | 2010-07-22 8:32:02 PM

Oh, I do hope this is for real, for it is long overdue. If there is anything divisive, it is the identity politics. I had this funny idea at one time that affirmative action/employment equity meant that the employer could not discriminate against a qualified applicant due to his colour, ethnicity, sex or religion, so I was shocked to discover that in reality it meant giving unfair advantage to an applicant of any of those categories. Hiring the most qualified applicant should be the only thing that counts.

Dennis, I suspect that if the present government continues this trend, the MSM will simply go into nervous breakdown mode. Looking forward to it.

Posted by: Alain | 2010-07-22 9:19:03 PM

Considering how much media hay was made about the census snoozefest, we can expect ten times more outrage about this.

Posted by: Bradley | 2010-07-22 10:40:56 PM

Dennis, I'm not sure if you read the full article, but your joke is basically what the author implies here:

As of March 2009, women made up 54.7 per cent of the federal workforce, aboriginals made up 4.5 per cent, people with disabilities made up 5.9 per cent and visible minorities made up 9.8 per cent.

The federal government relies on data from Statistics Canada to set hiring targets.

The announcement came a day after the country's chief statistician, Munir Sheikh, resigned over the government's decision to axe the mandatory long census form.

Posted by: Bradley | 2010-07-22 10:47:44 PM

By the way, exactly what is an “open thread”?

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2010-07-22 11:12:27 PM

This is such a load of bull. There is a disproportionate number of white males in the PS. They have the upper hand, the highest paying jobs, and they tend to hire their own kind.

So the PS is paid for by ALL canadians' taxes and all canadians should have a chance at a job in the PS.

This policy was being exercized for about 1% of jobs. Meaning the other 99% give natural preference to white males.

So glad the same paranoia that governs the census issue is bleeding towards the few viz mins there are in the PS.

Posted by: Jenny | 2010-07-23 5:33:15 AM

Will that also apply for the post of Governor General?

Posted by: Nothing New Under the Sun | 2010-07-23 6:06:46 AM

And there is a disproportionate number of women in nursing and teaching, Jenny. Men are almost entirely shut out of those professions. Also, Mike provides statistics, while you provide only outrage. Whom do you think is more likely to be believed?

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2010-07-23 6:10:12 AM

I wish this would be end of a discrimination policy but I fear it is not. What has been proposed is a review of the policy and not an end to the policy. We will see the rewording of the qualifications but the discrimination will continue.

This policy was introduced by Chretien to ensure that all entry level jobs are filled by people who reflect the makeup of Canada. This does not apply to the other positions where you are hired based on whether if you are a French-Canadian, female, handicapped, etc. Merit does not apply in either case.

Posted by: Fiumara | 2010-07-23 7:19:19 AM

Jenny, if you believe that current racist hiring practices benefit white males, then do you also believe that reversing this should be achieved by practicing racism?

Are only white males capable of racism?

When white males are visible minorities, will you then support affirmative action to correct the sins of the current racist policies?

Finally, it is one thing for someone to hire "their own kind" and another to legislate it. Every race is equally capable of hiring their own kind. Legislating racism is capable of one day hurting the very people you believe it helps today.

Posted by: TM | 2010-07-23 9:23:05 AM

Jenny, are you saying that the federal civil service should hire people based on their identity instead of being the best qualified person for the job? That is exactly what affirmative action/employment equity does. I have seen it in action where qualifications were either ignored or watered down in order to meet the established quota. Oh, I know there is no such thing as quotas, so the official terminology is targets. Same thing under different name. I knew some highly qualified white males who applied for a regional director of personnel position only to be told males would not be considered.

I suggest that the government implement the merit principle (in reality not just in name) and hire the best qualified person for the job regardless of the person's colour, ethnic group, sex or any other identity label.

Posted by: Alain | 2010-07-23 11:14:04 AM

I'm torn. On one hand I'm pleased about the removal of an obviously racist hiring policy.

On the other hand, every step the government makes toward greater competency makes it more likely to invade citizen's lives. I'd rather it were shrunk entirely, or at least paralysed by stupidity. And by that logic, we should actively encourage the civil service to hire the worst candidates it can find. Reverse-meritocracy now!

Posted by: Spazmo | 2010-07-23 2:24:32 PM

Spazmo, I have heard that thinking before I it kind of makes sense to me. Slay the dragon!

Posted by: TM | 2010-07-23 2:50:13 PM

Hallelujah! A conservative Conservative party. About time this anti-white nonsense ends.

Posted by: Faramir | 2010-07-23 9:09:30 PM

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