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Friday, July 30, 2010

It's not an immigration problem, it's a marijuana-is-illegal problem

As though we needed to be told (again), but keeping marijuana illegal is busy funding gangs and bad guys. Can we legalize pot already? Geez.

Here's Jane Hamsher, from Fire Dog Lake, talking about pot (Ignore the pre-pot talk chatter about "increasing teacher's salaries"):

Posted by P.M. Jaworski on July 30, 2010 in Marijuana reform | Permalink


Are you expecting serious commentary on a political satire, P.M.? This looks to me like an American version of This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2010-07-31 10:39:27 AM

Pot, pot ,pot! What is it with you people? Your answer to half the world's problems seems to be legalize pot! Crime is too high. Legalize pot! Islamic terrorists are after us. Stop them by just legalizing pot! Our healthcare system has become an overweight socialist behemoth. Legalize pot. The drug war in Mexico is out of control. Legalize pot. Next, you'll be telling be that the best way to get another mission to the moon is to legalize pot.I don't care! If you want to smoke pot until your eyes turn red then I don't care! I think pot smokers are retards. I would never let you anywhere near my kids. However, if you want to spend your life half stoned fine just stay away from me. Also, don't drive a vehicle stoned because I don't want one of you potheads smacking your vehicle into mine because your reaction times are off! Otherwise, smoke your pot and while you are at light a crack pipe and if you are going to overdose please don't go to the hospital! After all, it's my right not to pay for having your stomach pumped! My God, if they legalized pot tomorrow, I think the writers on this site might have trouble finding new topics to discuss. It would be fascinating though if pot was legalized and crime went up to see what kind of excuses some of the writers would come up with. Maybe some of you people would finally support some tougher sentencing guidelines in regard to criminals.
Europe is finally beginning to throw off its socialist chains! America has elected its first socialist since LBJ. Harper may have permanently altered the political dynamics of Canada with his minority government(gradually moving the country to the right and the Conservatives well to the right of the old PC's. This meaning that we now have a significantly less waterdowned Conservative party running against the left in the battle of ideas). Islamic radicals want to implement sharia compliant laws in north America. China is emerging as a major economic competitor(particularly in resource rich Africa). Canada has such a low birthrate that only large scale immigration can sustain its economy. These are the issues that should be discussed! Enough with the pot you sound like a broken record!

Posted by: Jacque | 2010-07-31 2:03:29 PM

I know you're only kidding, but I'll address a few of your points anyway:

1. Making pot illegal has two effects: increasing the price of pot such that producers operate with insanely high margins, and eliminating any legitimate producers from the market.

In other words, you're making pot more profitable than it should be, and giving all the profits to criminals. So it is indeed funding gangs and terrorists and all sorts of bad folks.

2. ENFORCING marijuana laws is an impossibly large task, costing obscene sums of money and putting thousands of lives at risk. Not to mention the political cost when we defame or attack other countries in the name of the drug war.

3. It's my right not to pay for your Alzheimer's treatment because I've been using my brain all my life and you haven't. So if you don't want to pay for my drug-related maladies, the solution is to legalize health-care, not to keep marijuana illegal.

Posted by: Andrew P | 2010-07-31 4:00:00 PM

Legalize pot, why not? or do want the government to continue spending millions of dollars every year, being mommy and daddy to canadians...

Posted by: don | 2010-07-31 6:32:19 PM

The money being spent is not what sticks in your craw, Don.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2010-08-03 6:16:41 AM

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