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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Female Czech MPs pose for a calendar

What to make of this news?:

Czechs elected more women to parliament than ever before, electing 44 women in the May elections. To celebrate this, and to highlight the fact that there are women politicians, the centrist Public Affairs party, which ran on a platform promoting transparency (ahem), has launched a 2011 calendar. That calendar features four female MPs from the Public Affairs caucus, as well as a Public Affairs candidate for mayor of Prague.

Some interesting quotes via the Telegraph:

"We want to draw attention to the fact that we have women in politics," said MP Lenka Andrysova, who appears in one shot in a thigh-high dress kneeling on a shelf.


"Women's political influence is growing. Why not show we are women who aren't afraid of being sexy?" said Marketa Reedova, Public Affair's 42-year-old candidate for the Prague mayor's office.

We've assembled some pictures from the calendar (profits from the calendar will, of course, go to charity).

UPDATED, with a pic of our own Kim Campbell, former prime minister, just cause (h/t @Bobby_OK):

Karolina peake
Karolina Peake, Member of Parliament

Karolina peake2
Karolina Peake

Jana Parizkova
Jana Parizkova, Pollster for Public Affairs and sociologist

January (and August) Katerina Klasnova
Katerina Klasnova, Member of Parliament

Kristyna Koci
Kristina Koci, Public Affairs Chief Negotiator

March Lenka Andrysova
Lenka Andrysova, Member of Parliament

October marketa reedova
Marketa Reedova, City Councillor and candidate for Mayor of Prague

Marketa Reedova2
Marketa Reedova

Kim campbell
Kim Campbell as Justice Minister, former prime minister of Canada, image hosted, inexplicably, by the Library and National Archives of Canada...

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I just hope Harper keeps his clothes on.

Posted by: Paul McKeever | 2010-07-13 2:00:30 PM

Or Hedy Fry

Posted by: TM | 2010-07-13 4:01:38 PM

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