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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Video round-up: U.S. campaign advertisements with spoofs

As we follow the destruction and craziness in Toronto, I thought I'd bring a little levity to the day by aggregating some of the better recent political campaign advertisements from the U.S. along with three spoofs worth watching.

Let's begin with Dale Peterson, who ran for, but lost, the position of Agricultural Commissioner in the great state of Alabama (home to the Crimson Tide, national college football champions):

Not surprisingly, Peterson's ad was spoofed:

Peterson's loss did not dampen his spirits. Here he is endorsing one of his competitors for Ag Commish:

The above adverts clash with the generic political advertisements we're used to seeing during the election season. Still, most ads follow the formula of the satirical send-off below. You might call us cynical for thinking that the advert below hits close to home, but we prefer to be called "political realists":

The race for Alabama governor became national news when Tim James insisted that driver's license exams should only be provided in English, instead of the 12 languages that are currently available for exam takers. Notice how James makes it sound as though English-speaking Alabamians might have to take the exam in Spanish on one day, and Japanese on the next:

Here's the best spoof of James' political ad. I especially like the pumpkin pie with the word "MATH" in it, so that we all know it's the math version of pie, rather than a regular pumpkin pie, which is delicious and makes children hungry:

Here's a nice send-up of Tim James' campaign ad. We read with our eyes, after all, and Braille costs money. Maybe it's the businessman in this guy, but getting rid of Braille would save money, and it just makes sense. Does it to you?:

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