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Friday, April 16, 2010

UK Election Debate 2010

The Telegraph and the BBC agree that the Liberal-Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, won the debate. Personally I think the moderator was the real star of the show. He did a fantastic job of encouraging interaction and cutting off debate at appropriate moments.

The biggest disappointment of this debate is that David Cameron did not take on Gordon Brown on his absurd assertion that cutting government spending would ‘take out’ money from the economy.

This is an economic illiteracy that is inexcusable in a Prime Minister or former Exchequer.

Government primarily gets money from taxation, which does take money out of the economy. Cutting government spending will allow money to be put back into the economy and allocated more efficiently. By not addressing this, Mr. Cameron cedes the argument to Gordon Brown.

Posted by Hugh MacIntyre on April 16, 2010 | Permalink


I liked the seriousness of the debate (comparing to other countries). Quite long in duration, I wonder how much of the audience followed to finish.

Posted by: Pariuri | 2010-04-18 3:55:58 PM

Who says Brown is an economic illiterate, Hugh? Likely he knows what he's saying is absurd economics but is banking on the likelihood that the people don't. There is nothing a politician dreads more than an informed electorate. Fortunately few have ever had to face one.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2010-04-18 7:00:53 PM

I tend to like to assume that politicians mean what they say. Thinking that they are dishonest is giving them too much credit.

Posted by: Hugh MacIntyre | 2010-04-19 4:34:10 AM

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