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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

UFC should be brought to Ontario

UFC President, Dana White is confident that Mixed Martial Arts will one day be legal in Ontario, and he has good reason to be confident. As noted in the article I just linked, Canada is one of the best markets for the UFC. Also Ontario is one of the few remaining jurisdictions in Canada or the USA that have a ban on MMA. Premier McGuinty has not said no to allowing MMA, but he has said that it isn’t a priority.

Frankly I don’t understand this whole ‘priority’ claim. Considering the Liberal’s majority and the opposition’s already stated support, I would think that a bill to end the ban on MMA would pass pretty quickly through the House. When you consider how this would be an easy way to get popularity from young voters, I can’t conceive of why Premier McGuinty wouldn’t give some debate time to this issue.

Besides it isn’t like the House doesn’t spend time on matters of no consequence:

Bill 2 : An Act to proclaim April 24 in each year as Meningitis Awareness Day.

Bill 4, Ombudsman Amendment Act: Increasing the term of an Ombudsman from 5 years to 10 years.

Bill 6: April 21 in each year is hereby named Climate Change Awareness Day.

There are other bills of debatable value, but these three are clearly not pressing issues. Making Awareness days and changing how long an Ombudsman serves will affect the people’s lives a lot less than allowing MMA.

I think Opposition Leader Tim Hudak has it right when he says:

Dalton McGuinty has shown a peculiar obsession with regulating the pesticides we can use on our lawn, what snacks your kids can take to school, what kind of breed of dog you can own in the province of Ontario.

He's increasingly turned into a bit of a premier-dad.

With this in mind the true reason for why Mr. McGuinty won’t let the UFC perform in Ontario.

Premier-Dad wants to make sure we’ve finished our homework first.

Posted by Hugh MacIntyre on March 23, 2010 | Permalink


Who in Ontario would come to watch this? The men of Ontario have been "woosified" by their women! If the women of Ontario pushed for it, the Liberal provincial government would be ordering all Ontario men to wear skirts. Hey, my mistake! I forgot that many Ontario men already crossdress. Ultimate fighting is a real mans sport. Such men have long since left Ontario.

Posted by: Dan | 2010-03-23 5:13:08 PM

No, the UFC should NOT be brought to Ontario.

MMA is, like Free Speech, un-Canadian.

The UFC should be brought to Alberta, where it would sell out handily.

Posted by: JC | 2010-03-23 7:48:02 PM

Better yet ; let the women dress topless and do MMA in strip bars . Tax revenue would sky rocket the women would feel even more empowered in their struggle for ' equality ' The growing ranks of unemployed men would be kept fat and happy , cheering them on .

Posted by: daveh | 2010-03-25 6:46:58 AM


Posted by: squidward | 2010-04-13 4:31:47 PM

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