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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Knox's CanCon Gems - The Greatest Canadian Albums of All-Time (That You've Probably Never Heard) - Volume 2

Here's one of those rare instances (at least in these circles) when your politics and music have the opportunity to fuse as one. Well, maybe not exactly, given that I'm not talking about Stephen Harper playing the piano, or any such similar ear-shattering rubbish.  No folks, this is a more tenuous link to some of your politics that means that the subject music actually has a chance of sounding good.  Who, and maybe what, the hell am I talking about? I'm talking about a little band that quickly burst onto the scene in the 90's and just as quickly disappeared - The Buicks.

Just who were The Buicks? Well, I'm not really that sure.  I saw them open for a mainstay Canadian band or two during the mid-90's while at school in Edmonton - Blue Rodeo, the Waltons, the Watchmen.......somebody like that.  I liked their set and so I picked up their CD - Passage.  Almost every song on the album is solid - "Chipper", "Where's The Doctor", "You'd Better Walk Away" and particularly, the title-track "Passage".  Upbeat, poppy numbers that remind a guy of old school U2, but without the obvious political overtones.  Politics? Oh yeah, the political connection.  Rumour had it that the lead singer.......I think he was the lead singer, who went by the name "Red Locker" on the album cover was none other than Preston Manning's son, whose name I'm unaware of and who really, I know very little about.  What became of him and his band? Are they still playing conservative cocktail parties around the country? Sadly, I suspect not.  I say "sadly" because this little gem of an album (or EP) has stood the test of time and works its way back into my rotation time and time again over the years.

Here's the catch - it's hard to find.  Almost impossible it seems.  Amazon has a couple of used copies for sale, but they're about $60.00.  $60.00 for 7 songs is steep, but in this case, it may be worth it.  Especially if you're a fan of the Mannings.

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