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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Concordia to leave the CFS

The Canadian Federation of Students would be called a farce except anyone who would call them that would be too afraid of being sued. Never have I ever heard of an organization that would threaten law suites as readily as the CFS.

If I was to call them a farce I would call them that because they are suppose to represent the views and interests of students, they don’t. What they do instead is represent their own views and interests. They are a radical socialist promoting organization. I know the word communist is thrown around a lot, but for some of the CFS it does apply. They don’t care so much about doing what is good for students; they care more about radicalizing the student body to help bring about the revolution.

Concordia University has wizened up and has overwhelmingly voted to leave CFS. In response CFS is already saying the referendum is illegal and they are prepping themselves for a legal battle to keep Concordia in the CFS.

Do you scan that?

They are trying to use the court to keep Concordia in the CFS against the wishes of 72% of the students (or at least the ones that cared enough about student government to vote). The enemies of the CFS are using democracy and the CFS is using force. This is a pretty standard operational procedure for them. Democracy is an inconvenience to these thuggish activists.
So congrats to Concordia and good luck in what I am sure will be a long standing legal battle.

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I'd disagree with the claim that the CFS cares more about radicalizing students in preparation for the revolution than doing what's good for students. Now, I'm not saying that they care about doing what's good for students - they don't - but the CFS cares far more about making money than they do about a revolution.

The CFS is more of a sales club than a revolutionary, or even lobby, group. More Costco than Karl Marx.

The CFS are monopolists, once they're on a campus they'll sell the student union pretty much everything it needs a lot of (handbooks, reusable mugs, t-shirts - all ethically sourced of course), but they also have a side thing in cell phones, used to own a travel agency and most of all a health plan.

The leftist rhetoric is really just talk, they spent more money last year on their money-losing (now sold) travel agency and giving out discount cards than on all their campaigns and lobbying.

Posted by: J.M. | 2010-04-09 5:56:31 PM

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