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Friday, February 12, 2010

"I don't think it's for me to say right now."

Sure Preston. You're just looking and talking. Elder statesman not taking sides.

Small-c conservatives meeting in Edmonton on the weekend to brainstorm about the province's political future gave Alberta's performance in a number of critical areas a resounding thumbs-down.

About 100 people took up Reform party founder Preston Manning's challenge to evaluate Alberta's fiscal responsibility, health care system, environmental record, and national leadership ability, and came up with a report card containing D's and F's.

"There was a fairly low rating on our performance, or put it the other way, that we could do better," Manning said, noting participants were nonetheless pleased by the province's record in education and economic development.

This is all part and parcel of the Alberta PC Death Watch. The Iron Law of Alberta Politics states that every thirty to forty years Albertans stop voting overwhelmingly for one party, and then start voting overwhelmingly for another. Not a single member of the Stelmach cabinet showed up at Preston's confab. Why would they? The point of the meeting was to rubbish, and rightly so, the drift of the Alberta PCs toward bigger and bigger government. 

Manning is too polite to openly state what most are thinking. Eddie Baby, go Right or get lost. My own hunch is that Manning, and other senior figures in the western conservative movement are giving the Stelmach government another shot at cleaning up their act. Destroying a long entrenched political party is nasty business. It wastes time and resources better spent elsewhere. It creates grudges and vendettas that weaken the effectiveness of a political movement. The Wildrose Alliance is a useful club to reform the PCs. If reform fails, we'll probably see Preston and Danielle having a pleasant chat, in public, real soon. 

Posted by Richard Anderson on February 12, 2010 | Permalink


Watch all those "shocked" Conservative MLAs after the next election. At least Albertans have a choice. Look at BC where there is no functional conservative movement and the Liberals (through policy and legislation) push the NDP as far left as they want while selling themselves successfully as the "free enterprise" alternative to the socialists.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2010-02-12 11:28:48 AM

putting Ted Morton in Finance was the Tories' last chance for credibility, and they blew it anyway (probably not his fault. his budget was probably twisted away from his preferences).

if they blew it with Ted, they've blown it with us.

...i can't wait to see the carnage.

Posted by: shel | 2010-02-12 12:05:20 PM

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