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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trash Talk the TTC

I hate the TTC. When I went to the University of Toronto I use to walk 30 to 40 minutes (sometime in a blizzard) just to avoid using the TTC. It seems that I am not alone. There is now an entire website dedicated to "trash talking the TTC."

I encourage everyone living in the Greater Toronto Area to check it out.

Posted by Hugh MacIntyre on January 28, 2010 | Permalink


Let me play old timer for a moment here. Back in the day - the late 1980s - the TTC was an excellent service. The subways clean and well maintained, bums were as scarce as hen's teeth, it largely ran like clockwork. I knew plenty of people who never bothered buying a car because the TTC was just that good. Now I know people who really don't want to own a car, or ride a bicycle, but feel compelled because of the low quality of the service. It could be worse. Really it could. That's not an excuse, just an indication of a possible future.

Posted by: Publius | 2010-01-28 7:11:18 AM

You don't have to be an old timer for this one. I lived in Toronto from 2004 to 2009. In that time I saw a very sharp decline in the quality of the service, and a sharp rise in the cost.

Posted by: Hugh MacIntyre | 2010-01-28 7:55:53 AM

On the last time I took the TTC, I nearly missed my train because some idiot blocked the kiosk while he argued with the attendant over the fare. A loud grunt of absolute disgust sent him away, allowing a long line of people to pass by. I don't know who was stupider - the moron or the attendant. Either way, Toronto and its people deserve their abysmal city government that bans books, segregates schools, ignores non-whites, and just sucks up too much useful tax dollars. I cannot believe that such a people with access to modern communications and influences can remain so alien to the rest of the world.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2010-01-28 11:19:04 AM

bout a month ago i was driving my car eastbound t east of the allen and there was this empty ttc bus weaving in and out lanes heading towards theyork mils station,when we almost approeached avenue rd the bus was in the right hand lane and i was beside him when the ttc driver realized that there was a car parked in his lane so he put on his signal to move over but i was right beside him and not behind him or i would have let him in,so when we got toF avenue rd he stop beside me and opened his door and started swearing at me because i did not let him in and i mean swearing like using the F WORD and his drives for the ttc..WOW THERE ARE ALOT OF RUDE DRIVERS AND VERY IGNORANT AND THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT,SOME HAVE HUGE STOMACHS,THEY LOOK BAD.

Posted by: ron richardson | 2010-01-28 4:05:20 PM

Now TTC workers said the customers are not behaving well either , after some workers were caught on tape sleeping on job and taking long coffee break. Do they know they are " at work", we are customers?
We pay, so they give us service. That is simple common sense. Have you ever heard the McDonald's complain about the customers? If unionization makes the workers become arrogant, greedy and unreasonable, privatizing the TTC is the way to go.

Posted by: Aw | 2010-02-08 9:28:51 AM

They get to take a piss at every turn about there is a built inhouse bathroom free phone and the works. They should pack a lunch and eat at the loop instead of texting and yapping on the celular phone and train phone while playing game boy instead of keeping the eyes infront of them which is ILLEGAL and causes deaths, injuries & accients in Ontario.

Posted by: I hate ttc goof offs | 2010-02-11 6:05:23 PM

Get rid of the union or start firing these bullies; hence Lower transit fairs from $125 to $60 for a metro pass. Streetcar goof off should pack a thermal coffe mug like we al have done in our life time evev in grade 6 to keep drinks warm or cold.

We don't need 4 people to screw in one light bulb.

Slow walking fast talking at Downsview station gosip qweens. We see you chatting up a storm as you kick your heels after scamming our money and time away! I don't sit down I see what you guys do watching movies and stuffing cheese cake in the back.
"Days of our lives"?

Posted by: I hate ttc goof offs | 2010-02-11 6:13:55 PM

What I don't get is how other unionized transit systems - the CTA in Chicago, SEPTA in Philadelphia, and the MTA in New York - provide excellent transit service, and yet Toronto's sucks. Oh well, it must be the city and its people. Toronto sucks, America rules.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2010-02-11 6:24:21 PM

I hate TTC too guys. One day the bus driver didn't stop at the bus stop but he clearly saw me. They are lazy, arrogant, useless, and stupid workers who need to get FIRED!

Posted by: Gleb | 2010-06-07 9:44:02 PM

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