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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meanwhile in California...

So why are they locking up Marc Emery?

There's a new store in East Oakland that's sure to draw a huge cloud of controversy.

The building just down the way from the Oakland Airport is the newest place to pick up gear for growing medical marijuana. But iGrow isn't just a cramped, out of the way space.

The 15,000-square foot warehouse is a one-stop shop for everything cannabis cultivation -- from lights and fans to fertilizer and additives. An on-site doctor will issue recommendations and technicians will be on-hand to teach prospective growers how to get their roots into the business.

However, there's one item that won't be on the shelves at iGrow -- the plants. Seedlings can only be sold at dispensaries and iGrow doesn't fall into that category.

In one my favourite plays, A Man For All Seasons, one of the characters remarks that if you're going to make trouble, make the kind of trouble that's expected. 

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Different jurisdictions = different laws and different prosecutions. Emery faced federal charges, not state ones. Hence his rather sad predicament. Hypocrisy is not always wrong - most times it just is. Look at how Ontario treats its non-white population compared to its whites = polar opposites. It's close to slavery.

As for Bolt's A Man For All Seasons, remember that More was willing to sacrifice himself for his beliefs. Emery does not have a martyr complex - he just wanted to get away with it. Moreover, unlike More, he had a leg to stand on. Here's one of my favorite lines from the play:

"It's most material. For refusing to swear, my goods are forfeit and I am condemned to life imprisonment. You cannot lawfully harm me further. But if you were right in supposing I had reasons for refusing and right again in supposing my reasons to be treasonable, the law would let you cut my head off."

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2010-01-28 7:43:20 PM

OK Zeb, we all understand you hate white people from Ontario, being a white person from Ontario I don't take it too personally. Would it help or hurt if I mentioned my ancestors invented modern imperialism? Probably hurt, I'm guessing.

Your approach has a kind of Cato the Elder twang, Ontario Delenda Est etc... Consistency is definitely a strong point of yours. As I understand it you're OK with white people from Alberta. You are aware that people from Ontario move out West. Even some white Ontarians. That Albertan next to you on the bus might really be from Kitchener, or even Toronto. Sometimes they wear cowboy hats to blend in with the natives, pardon my imperialist expression.

I will continue to enjoy your eccentric rants. On a side note I know quite a few non-whites in Ontario. In fact, amazing though it is to relate, a once had a non-white Ontarian as a boss. Yeap. He made more money than me and drove a much nicer car. He's boss was also a non-white, but his boss in turn was white. Rather pale actually. Nice old fellow, very WASPish but never really got out in the sun. No doubt these are all bizarre exceptions to the near apartheid of modern Toronto.

Posted by: Publius | 2010-01-28 8:03:16 PM

Oh how I wish Alberta could mass deport the easterners back to their homes. Get rid of the riff raff. It's not going to happen though.

But UNLIKE Ontario, Alberta welcomes outsiders. It's called dynamism, forces that change society. Alberta, and other places, have them because new people come in to live and work there. Ontario has none, or at least fewer, because you bottle your outsiders up into meaningless jobs and ghettos. Today that process contains almost entirely non-whites because the latest waves of emigration bring Asians and Africans to your shores. In the past, whites from southern Europe were caught in the same net. Since then, whiteness has become a priceless commodity. No matter what a white person does, to other whites they'll always be better than a non-white. This limits but does not prevent non-whites from rising but keeps most of them down. This must change: Ontario needs a civil rights movement to bring neglected groups to political and economic power. This is why at least 50% of all elected offices should be of visible minorities. It would a good start to show who'll be in charge.

All this multiculturalism nonsense has been a waste; indeed, it has been counter productive to a truly healthy society. So, white folks, start handing back your ill gotten gains, the bottom rail is on top now.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2010-01-28 8:21:45 PM

I'm from Ontario as well. Lived in Alberta for over 30 years, but originally from North Bay. That is a strange prejudice you have there. Can't say I have ever heard that one before. But what ever, a hater is a hater.

And now for something completely different. Discussion of the post. Its happenings like this that make me think I'm going to win my bet with 419. 5 years is a long time, and while politics moves at a snails pace, hopefully this all begins the domino effect. Once a sizable amount of the states sees the light, the feds will have no choice but fall in line. I used to complain about the different levels of government being a waste of time and money. But now I see its a good thing.

Posted by: Steve Bottrell | 2010-01-28 9:43:00 PM

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