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Sunday, December 27, 2009

UPDATE: 2004 Libertarian Party Presidential nominee Michael Badnarik hospitalized after heart attack

A commenter on the prisonplanet.com website has this update on Badnarik, although I can’t confirm the accuracy of the information at this time:

Michael Badnarik had a stent placed inside a blocked artery after he had a heart attack and then was put into a medically induced coma.

This is the latest:

Michael Badnarik is awake and spunky. He asked Lynne what happened to him and how long has he been out? Lynne said it was Christmas and he asked what year. He is very weak of course but he is improving very rapidly!

You can read my original post here.

Posted by Matthew Johnston

To learn more about Michael Badnarik, read his book Good To Be King: The Foundation of Our Constitutional Freedom, or books by Ayn Rand and L. Neil Smith, authors who have influenced this libertarian activist. You can purchase these books below through our Amazon affiliate program.

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The bastard worked on the stealth bomber, the Zion nuclear reactor, and other reactors. That heart attack was an intended attack from who ,ever controls god to finally shut up this lunatic, regardless of who he gives a boner.
A world without Michael Badnarik will be instantly and infinitely be a better place than it was. The religious left is just as awful as the religious right, wacko is is wacko.

Posted by: Michael Badnarik is a messanger of DEATH | 2009-12-27 7:34:12 AM

Some people need to do some research before they comment. Not only do they sound like a complete idiot, the 'facts' are plain wrong.

Badnarik should be in the White House. Good news for a TRUE Patriot.

Posted by: bob | 2009-12-27 7:45:49 AM

I thank the LORD for his mercy in keeping Michael Badnarik alive!

Posted by: BG | 2009-12-27 8:01:51 AM

"Some people need to do some research before they comment. Not only do they sound like a complete idiot, the 'facts' are plain wrong."

Badnarik should be in the White House. Good news for a TRUE Patriot.

Posted by: bob | 2009-12-27 7:45:49 AM

What was he or she incorrect about MRS. fallacy argument?
Did he not work on all of those projects mentioned?
Is he not pat of the "Genisis network" a left wing religious organization posing as the political answer?
Bob you give patriotism a bad name by failing to understand what is means to be a patriot, you are a stooge of everybody with an agenda, wake up you idiot before you challenge what has been researched, and is common public knowledge.

Posted by: Bob is KNOB | 2009-12-27 8:12:21 AM

I thank the LORD for his mercy in keeping Michael Badnarik alive!

Posted by: BG | 2009-12-27 8:01:51 AM

Evidence to support my argument about who supports the devout Michael BADnarik, religious retards.

If you thank the lord for anything that by definiton makes you a flake. Thank away thanky

Posted by: Bob is and his religious pals are KNOBS | 2009-12-27 8:16:18 AM

I guess for most of you it boils down to this, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"
This is what I find the libertarians are willing to do in order to create a power base, prostitute themselves, by allowing those who muddy the waters in a most disturbing way to be facilitators in the change we desire.
I am against anbody with any religious affiliations leading me or the nation in anyway.
Spirituality was hi-jacked several thousand years ago once it was realized how it could be used as a tool of control. If you had a soul you would know this, and fight your oprressors with an agenda to create a new begining about being good based in only the truth with fair treatment for all.

Lord help those who believe in the Lord.

Posted by: Not a Libertarian pitch man | 2009-12-27 8:38:14 AM

"Good news for a TRUE Patriot. "

Posted by: bob | 2009-12-27 7:45:49 AM

(Patriot:One who loves, supports, and defends one's country.)

How does supporting a political whore with an agenda, qualify you as a patriot?

The man is a monster he opposes welfare in all forms. he cannot seem to understand that there is a percentage of any population which is mentally unstable or handicapped in some way. I guess a 13 year old pregnant mother should have her baby either aborted or find a way to mis-carry in a world without welfare or a safety net of some sort? Before any man here says she should have been on birth control, shame on you for believing in double standards.
I am for far less government intervention into our lives but one has to be realistic regarding the realities of the human condition, and being callous about the reality will only create an even uglier civilization, with more exploitation of the human being.

Posted by: Tom and the Pat's suck | 2009-12-27 9:28:09 AM

Neither Paul or BADnarik will be any different than anyone before them. Power corrupts absolutely, just look at what a disappointment Obama is turning out to be on the war, the banks, and all the other problems he has neglected since elected.
These two men who are guided by God are not the answer for us, even if they have the freshest and most appealing views expressed to date. It is time for a true atheist leader, someone who can see CLEARLY, and who does not feel obligated to pander to anything or anyone of any religious origins.A person who considers first what is best for a nation and never what is best for his or her special interest group.
A person who is guided by what is right and is never concerned with alienating a specific religious voting block or group to insure a political future.
Paul and Badnarik could never achevie this because of religious bias. This insures they will pander to everyone they feel they have to, just like any and all political whores before them.
What is a person untainted to do?

Posted by: Suckers | 2009-12-27 10:01:46 AM

Obama was always suspect. Paul's record speaks for itself. Badnarik's constitution class should be enough for anyone to see that he is genuine. When you summarily dismiss someone because they are religious, you are showing everyone that you have a closed mind. Closed minds are dead end streets. Don't pretend that you are enlightened, you're not. Just ignorant and likely to stay ignorant.

Posted by: Jim | 2009-12-27 10:23:30 AM

He did not work on the stealth bomber. It was a SIMULATOR.

Posted by: Jon | 2009-12-27 10:47:14 AM

Watch Zeitgeist the movie, free here, http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-594683847743189197#
Religion should be cast out of humanity, and religious leaders removed from power immediately. I don't know much about this man, but he is a man who seeks power over others, and thus should be viewed with intense suspicion. I don't believe there is a single altruistic politician on this planet, and when and if there is, he/she is removed by any means necessary. Its all about power and money, even this man most likely. And so I shed no tears for those that seek power over others.

Posted by: Steve Bottrell | 2009-12-27 1:41:36 PM

Wow!! This guy is pathetic!! Obviously an uneducated troll. Get well soon Mike.

Posted by: Kevin Anderson | 2009-12-27 7:43:47 PM

Michael Badnarik is a great man. I'm super happy he is recovering from the heart attack and getting better. He would defend to the death your first amendment right to express yourselves. Although I think you naysayers are pretty stupid. Uninformed, ignorant idiots are excused for their incomprehensible irrational outbursts.

Posted by: Jim | 2009-12-27 8:29:49 PM

Well some of the posts here certainly affirm the condition of our society being dumbed down. If you feel you must degrade someone based on the religious belief or what they say; then you do not know what it means to be American.

Badnarik is entitled to his belief. At the very least he is passionate about his belief, and willing to put action behind what he states as his belief.

Any person who wishes him ill will at a time of medical crisis is not a person of compassion and while you may consider yourself "intellectual" you lack the basic human conciousness for your intellect to serve you.

Using hegelian dialectics to create fear and hatred is not the mark of an intellectual.

Posted by: Maria | 2009-12-27 8:56:44 PM

Ya, it was a bit of a rant. I meant no disrespect to the man. My rant was aimed more at the system. I like Ron Paul, what I know of him, which isn't much. Perhaps he may actually be an altruistic politician, as he appears to be ostracized by the rest of the government. He is attacking bankers, if his message gains any traction, I see an "accident" in his future. I don't know anything about Mr. Badnarik, sorry if I offended those that knew him. Perhaps this wasn't the best post to rant on. Sorry guys. Watching Zeitgeist got me all worked up.
Some of you guys are money guys right? Economics majors and such? Have you seen Zeitgeist Addendum? Is that really how money is produced?

Posted by: Steve Bottrell | 2009-12-27 8:57:25 PM

Steve, I wasn't talking about you but that other guy. Thanks for the apology and no offence taken by your comment. That other guy on here is out of touch and has taken a strange medium for her views...kinda pathetic.

BTW check out The money makers on google video. Zeitgeist is what it is but there is a bunch of other videos worth watching which are more in depth. Of course I prefer reading.

Posted by: Kevin Anderson | 2009-12-27 11:29:40 PM

Rights come from God, privileges are granted by governments.
Guns keep governments from taking your rights.
May God grant you Speedy recovery.

Posted by: Hugh McDanel | 2009-12-28 8:06:14 AM

To "Tom and the Pat's suck" - Lady you have it all wrong. Michael is a man who believes that theft is theft no matter what YOUR good reason is. With your example of the pregnant 13 year old - where is her mother? Where is her father? Where are the other members of her family? Why is it up the Michael and other taxpayers (those robbed by government for your special interest issues) to pay to support her bad decisions? Has she thought of maybe asking for help from anyone else before sticking it to the taxpayers for her support and then that of her child - and of any further children she decides to have in the future because she knows someone else will be forced to pay for them?/// Asking for help is one thing, but stealing it by the force of government is theft and always will be. Michael understands this BUT YOU FAIL TO. Get off Michael and deal with your own freedom (or lack of them) issues.

Posted by: Steve in Austin - I know Michael, you don't! | 2009-12-28 12:11:36 PM

You've hit the nail on the head, well said and so true. Took Mike's Constitution Course and it's about the best there is available and very comprehensive.
Individual responsibility has gone by the wayside and government panders to the entitlement mentality. Schools reinforce that ideology and colleges ingrain into its so called leaders of society. Deliberate dumbing down and lascivious self gratification lead the way for a Brave New World for the mentally deficient believing atheism is the answer. The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.
Thanks again Steve in Austin.

Posted by: Dean in Arkansas | 2009-12-28 3:02:41 PM

@Dean, Steve Austin, and Hugh mcmispelled name.

It is your son that got her pregnant. I guess by your defintion it is your reponsibility for not teaching him about cause and effect, or action and reaction which has now made you liable.

I explained clearly in my post not to subject this poor preganant girl to your biased way of thinking and what did you do place the impregnation squarely and only on her shoulders like she was able to immaculately conceive, as is your delusional belief. Had it been the case that before the question was posed to you, sex was something you had knowledge about , then perhaps your rediculous short sighted answers would have been less subjective and more responsible and reasonble with consideration of all aspects of the argument.

"With your example of the pregnant 13 year old - where is her mother? Where is her father? Where are the other members of her family"

This is the kind of subjective thinking guarantees that the libertarian phylosophy will never take hold other than in a post apocalyptic world possibly.
To claim you have faith in god and then to be so subjectively cold and callous, just highlights what horrible and hypocritical each and every person that calls themself a christian or a libertarian is.
All you American libertarians take full advantage of everything that is subsidized in your country, meat, fuel, etc., and then pretend to have a clue about right and wrong. Your philosophy about how we all should live, is truly mentally corrupted because it is far to self serving to be realistic.
So Steve quit stelaing from me, I don't want to subsidize your lifestyle of overeating, but you won't stop, so what do I do, you won't help the girl but you expect me to help you.
Dean your church doesn't pay taxes but and is sitting on valuble real estate that you did not pay for, so I am going to need you to move somewhere else,so as to and the land back to who rightly owns it, the people.
Dean could your church be a dear, and help our ailing community in hard times and start paying their fare share of property and income taxes nation wide? thanks in advance. Could you also not take advantage anymore of anything subsidized so you don't appear as a giant hypocrite any longer?

Dean you live in Arkansas, if there was a god and he loved you personally, would he have planted you in true hillbilly squalor?
How can anybody who is flakey enough to believe in god call someone else mentally deficient? Delusion and BLIND faith is all you have, because you believe so strongly in that which is implausuible makes you the one who is most likely to be mentally deficent.
If the truth doesn't matter to you how can you ever know liberty?
You are not free you are a slave to a very destructive and controlling religion which has you so indoctrinated your weakling brain doesn't even realize this, who is a mentally deficient weakling me or you Deano?

Posted by: Libertarian Bullshit | 2009-12-28 4:12:20 PM

By the way Badnarik is a gun nut.... for self defense he claims.. no big surprize there from a minister of death.

Posted by: Libertarian Bullshit | 2009-12-28 4:14:29 PM

Why is scapegoating what comes naturally to most people.
Why is taking responsibility always deflected.

A few months back in texas a woman was getting out of her car to shop at an office depot when a man stole her purse. After a chase aided by civilian help she got her purse with the 300 dollars in it back in her possession.
In that area there are elections for sherrif and one of the platforms they often run on is to get tough on crime, build more jails, so as to subject more people to adverse conditions in order to create wealth for its investors,employment for its staff, and constantly ongoing big bills for the taxpayers.

Rather than subjecting us to all the system whether it be by being in it, serving in it, or paying for it, wouldn't it be more sensible to encourage woman to not carry purses and therefore remove millions of finacial opportunites for would be theives?
A purse is not a right, it only became part of culture because of purposeful indoctrination by marketers.
A purse is not a civil liberty, but what it is a target in a poorer modern day world and it is unfair for woman to create a need for police out of style selfishness.
We are all encouraged to be smart about our security so how does carrying purse qualify?
if you are going to carry one shouldn't your money or cc cards be in your pockets?
Less purse snatchers mean less costs to the taxpayer.

Crystal Meth: Why build more prisons or even hire one more police officer to deal with the meth scurge? The only way to make it is with over the counter big pharma created drugs like sudafed.
No one needs sudafed to sustain life and if there are a very few who do, make it almost impossible to get by controlling it.
Why is big pharma not persuaded to discontinue the manfacturing of this drug if government cared at all about the safety of the civilian population? Big pharma has created an epidemic and is absorbing none of the costs, why scapegoat the addict when you clearly know where the dealer is and how they operate?
Meth is not the problem, availability via big pharma and an American economy that feels it has to experience economic growth at ANY COST, is why a constant state of irrational fear is constantly created and never dealt with. Apparently the misinformation and hyperbole works on some like the six million dollar man steve from Austin, and the other religiuosly brainwashed ilk.

Posted by: Gibertarian Gullshit | 2009-12-28 5:04:54 PM

Like I said earlier "Uninformed, ignorant idiots are excused for their incomprehensible irrational outbursts."

Posted by: Jim | 2009-12-28 7:04:52 PM

"Rights come from God, privileges are granted by governments.
Guns keep governments from taking your rights."

Rights do not come from God, what right did god give me, if I believed in your sun god? And what privilege is the government providing me? For its not a privilege if everyone can receive it.
And as for guns helping you fight off the government from taking your rights, it doesn't appear to working for you so far. And what do you think would happen if you did? Why you would be labeled terrorists, or rebels, and the army would come marching in to quell the uprising, because that is what they are PAID to do. And we aren't talking about the smartest segment of our society, they will do as they are told. And more "rights" will go out the window. I can't believe the American public watched video footage of the events of 911 and did not ask some hard questions? Its equivalent to the Dziekanski video. The evidence is right there that something was not right. Maybe the government had nothing to do with it, and if so, you would think that they would have made the investigation transparent to the public. But no, they did not. Uncle Dickie held Georges hand and they went before the 911 commission together, on their terms. No recording of the events of any kind was permitted. Doesn't that alone reek to high heaven?
Anyway, my point being is that it is most likely to late anyway. Your rights are disappearing right before your eyes now. By and large, people are either too stupid, uneducated, ignorant, complacent or apathetic to see whats happening or do anything about it. So good luck with your gun.

Posted by: Steve Bottrell | 2009-12-29 2:58:03 AM

Like I said earlier "Uninformed, ignorant idiots are excused for their incomprehensible irrational outbursts."

Posted by: Jim | 2009-12-28 7:04:52 PM

You rand ooges cannot have it both ways, there is no room for god in objectivism, not unless you want to try and reinvent the word, like I suspect is happening with the new interest in her philosophies. The new beliver in her cares more about where here beliefs can take them, and because of this I think her original intended message is sometimes lost.

OK biblical Jimskin, let us know what you are informed about, and make clear what it is that you think you know, that we do not.
If what I wrote is Incomprehensible, would that not translate into more about you being very limited in your abilities to perceive, comprehend, or understand from reading?

Let me guess Jimskin, you are the kind of guy who often says" I don't want to talk about it" This is what mental weaklings with opinions formed by other do, due to lack of depth, or independant thought on a subject. Rather than pretending you know something, write something worthy of your blind faith in nothing. Try and prove to us and your self that your rediculous faith has merit and origins based in something realistic, or plausible.
Please explain very clearly why anybody would be better off as part of your oppressive religion, then say being an atheist, or even a devil worshipper?
You can't Jimskin because a reasonable argument based in fact or reality

Posted by: Objectivism VS. Religion | 2009-12-29 8:13:35 AM

The name "Objectivism" derives from the principle that human knowledge and values are objective: they are not created by the thoughts one has, but are determined by the nature of reality, to be discovered by man's mind

Ayn Rand's beliefs

Posted by: Objectivism VS. Religion | 2009-12-29 8:25:35 AM

Would the web site operator please check on the "moderated" option for this site, and enforce the policy to protect us from the fringe elements. It is your choice.

Posted by: D. Pettit | 2009-12-29 12:15:31 PM

And here we have a controller. D. Pettit, your post is showing the world how you feel about rights. No one has the right to express opinions or thoughts that don't agree with yours, right? That's what you are saying with that stupid post. If they wanted tunnel vision posters here, they would make you register and/or pay to post here. Which of course would be the death of the Western Standard. The reason I come here is that there is a lot of ideas bounced around with, for the most part, common sense conversation about the topic. If I wanted to be oppressed, more than I am now, I would move to China. Maybe you should consider the move.......

Posted by: Steve Bottrell | 2009-12-29 1:04:53 PM

Thanks again Steve, no matter how I sound to you D Petit, you must remember that in theory others feel the same about your contributions in every facit of your life.
D, why do you wish for a world where everybody thinks as you, and why do you find it hard to function in a forum of ideas that differ and challenge yours? There are many moderated forums which people try and pretend that they are debating or expressing freely but once you write something beyond the comprehension of the moderator, the IP lock comes out, what good is that? The thing I respect most about this forum is its adherence without question to free speech protection.
would this desire of yours to see me banned D not lend credibility to my argument that religion which you are defending, is a tool of control and this is one of the lessons that it taught you? Would not infringing on my rights also destroy for ever what you were afforded through others struggle?
D is it not time for you to forget about words like policy, enforce, protect, the words that are used to frighten you into doing what governments or agenda driven organizations want, and start thinking like a man who owns his soul?
Calling me fringe is just proves you learned scapegoating well from your religion, because everybody has to be demonized in order to scare you into line by their doctrine.
This is why America can rarley make a film worth watching, everybody that doesn't think like you D is a gang member, terrorist criminal, it is often subjective racism, with messages and meanings wrapped in the flag, total American bullshit. Gran torino was the last film that made me retch due to how he went about telling the story of good and evil, from the white is right perspective.
I predicted the end. In defense of the shooters all would have been aquitted with proper representation. Who shot first? who is responsible for killing him, certainly not everybody. It is not a punishable by jail offense to shoot or vivasect a corpse, so how could all who fired be guilty. Was the message for the average citizen to stand up and testify against the gang? The citizen who testifies winds up dead so what kind of bullshit message was clint the zillionaire trying to relay to the average movie goer?
Anyways D get some balls and call me out instead of being a suck-hole and trying to get me locked out.

Posted by: Not fooled too easily | 2009-12-29 4:26:44 PM

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