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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Stelmach's victory is good for the Wildrose Alliance, but there is still a long road to travel

Matthew Johnston rightly points out that Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach's political survival this weekend is a good thing for the upstart Wildrose Alliance. The PC Party of Alberta may have doomed itself by deciding to continue to back their unpopular leader.

It has been the pattern of Albertan politics to elect powerful party dynasties. Then to have those dynasties suddenly collapse and have its place taken by a new dynasty. Signs of such collapse is everywhere in Alberta and there is much talk of the WA receiving the "Mandate of Heaven."

That being said, people should keep in mind that historical patterns don't work as predictions. Just because the Social Credit collapsed and was replaced by the PC Party doesn't mean that the WA is going to replace the PCs in the same way. We could be looking, for the first time in a century, at a real party competition in Alberta.

There is no guarantee that the WA will win that competition. I must caution my fellow Smith enthusiasts against setting their expectations too high. I believe that she will be Premier one day. But it may take several elections and we shouldn't allow ourselves to be disheartened if it takes longer than we hope.

Posted by Hugh MacIntyre on November 8, 2009 | Permalink


"Matthew Johnston rightly points out that Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach's political survival this weekend is a good thing for the upstart Wildrose Alliance."

Matthew Johnston is a longtime NDP supporter who is funded by a convicted drug lord/NDP activist and is publisher of a profoundly anti-conservative and explicitly pro-NDP website - how is his opinion on anything pertaining to the PC party relevant?

Seriously, guys, give it up.

Posted by: Matthew Is A Statist | 2009-11-08 1:58:51 PM

Let's see who among the existing PC crowd moves over to the WAP. Sitting with memberships in both parties for the next two years is going to suggest it is more about power than it is about the interests of Albertans. Time for people in the "big tent" to stand up and be counted for what they truly believe in - not just running as a PC because that was a sure way to get elected as an MLA.

The "progressives" seem to be making some kind of a move with RebootAlberta and let's see which, if any, political party they begin to support (or look favorably on).

It is time for the WAP to start coming out with views on concrete policy directions that they would embark on - not simply criticisms of the PC. After watching D. Smith on One-on-One with Peter Mansbridge, I have to wonder if she has the will/the strength to deal with the federal government - regardless of which party is in power. She pretty much gave the Harper Conservatives a free pass on all things and,imo, we need a much stronger voice for AB than the PCs have been.

Posted by: Calgary Clippper | 2009-11-08 4:26:16 PM

Daniel Smith is a PR flak, just like Liepert. Just like Klein. They are all good talkers, but obviously not good leaders. Klein broke this province into pieces with his reign, and now people like Liepert have no idea how to put it back together. There's no reason to believe Smith will do any better. She couldn't play nice on a school board council. How will she be able to do any better in a party that means something different to each member, and that needs strong leadership to pick out the common threads and weave them into a tapestry that appeals to more people than herself?

Posted by: Flak is as flak does | 2009-11-08 5:16:51 PM

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Posted by: rajesh | 2009-11-08 9:33:14 PM

The AB PCs tacitly admitted this weekend that they don't have anybody in the bullpen that could make enough of a difference for them in a contest with Danielle Smith. So they have stuck with the date that brung them.

Kubler Ross talked about the 5 stages of grief. The Stelmach Tories are somewhere between Stage One (denial) and Stage Three (bargaining -- "just give us one more chance, we're going to get serious now!").

Either way, they're just as dead.

And to Calgary Clipper: while I agree the Harper Tories are a bigger disaster than the Stelmach gang, all Smith was doing on Mansbridge (apart from jacking his Alberta ratings temporarily) was reporting how many WRA members and Alberta conservatives at large see things: i.e., too many still cut him slack cuz he is in a minority situation.

While many of us might like to see WRA take the Harpo frauds on right away, Smith's job is to lock Stelmach square in the cross-hairs...she has to take him out first, THEN worry about kicking fed ass.

Posted by: John Collison | 2009-11-08 10:41:05 PM

I know I'm switching parties. Expect to see me out campaigning for the WRA next election!

Posted by: Pete | 2009-11-09 12:34:33 PM

With all the perogies and farming going on. Who has time to think about revenue and profits from Oil companies in Calgary?? Lets party with Fast Eddie!!

What a joke,... Does he ever consult objective advisors before he makes decisions??

Posted by: Kapusta | 2009-11-09 3:32:02 PM

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