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Monday, November 09, 2009

George Smitherman will run for mayor of Toronto

This is not exactly surprising but now it is finally official, Mr. Smitherman has announced that he is going to be a candidate for mayor.

I'm going to watch this campaign closely to decide who will get my support, but I like what I'm hearing so far from Smitherman. Along with his announcement Mr.Smitherman attacked tax increases and spoke of governing within "fiscal reality."

Certainly he is no right wing lunatic such as myself, but beggars can't be choosers in the city of Toronto. Besides he would certainly be better than David Miller.

There are still lots of candidates considering a run who haven't announced yet. So I'm going to wait and see how the race takes shape.

Posted by Hugh MacIntyre on November 9, 2009 | Permalink


Deck chairs on the Titanic.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2009-11-09 5:43:22 AM

You know why smart people will not run? Two words ... Sarah Palin. Smart, attractive and trashed. So, instead of the best and the brightest providing good ideas and leadership, we get the dense and the dreadful trotting out socialist feel good tripe. Smitherman may be an improvement on Miller but not much.

Posted by: B | 2009-11-09 8:44:43 AM

"I'm going to watch this campaign closely to decide who will get my support, but I like what I'm hearing so far from Smitherman. "

Of course you like it. A twenty five billion dollar deficit is one of his greater accomplishments.

Are you gay Hugh? It's a fair question to ask in the age of identity politics, and would go a loooooong way towards explaining your hatred of conservatives and support of "Furious" George Smitherman, who is even loathed by fellow Ontario Liberals.

So, Hugh: are you gay? It's quite fashionable to be gay and actually a good career move, so there is no reason, other than shame, that you should be hiding this entirely relevant piece of information from your readers.

Posted by: Hugh is still a statist | 2009-11-09 2:23:17 PM

I submit this post as a reminder to Mr. Smitherman that he should tell the citizens of TORONTO what he will do to reverse some of the tax grab items introduced by David Miller, i/e the PERSONAL VEHICLE TAX, for one. It would be a good idea to eliminate it all together or reduce it for SENIOR CITIZENS, much the same as PET LICENSES.With the HST coming in JULY 2010, more items will be TAXED and this will be a hardship on SENIORS who own their home, especially those on a fixed income or those who have lost money due to their share dividends being decreased due to several large companies who have closed, are about to close or will not pay dididends for the foreseable future. I am and have been a LIBERAL SUPPORTER sinc e my military days,but will vote otherwise in protest if thinge do not change.

Thank You for your attention to this post.

James Spagnola
2 Chiowood Cres.
M2J 3X7

Posted by: James Spagnola | 2009-11-16 2:23:29 PM

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