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Thursday, September 17, 2009

"The attractive and charming young man..."

He's soooooo cute!

Quebec MP Justin Trudeau, son of the late prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was immediately surrounded by dozens of adoring mostly female fans and teachers after his half-hour speech that centered on the need to enter politics and serve society.

The attractive and charming young man posed for photos and signed autographs for many students, who pulled out cellphones or cameras.

"That was a great presentation," beamed student Raven Kostey as she stood in line for a chance to meet Mr. Trudeau.

"He made a lot of good points and told it how it was. He’s really down to earth."

Shane Fukala said he too enjoyed Mr. Trudeau, who focused on the need to protect the environment.

"He’d be a great prime minister," he said, noting Mr. Trudeau was an inspiration to enter politics.

"That’s what I was going to do in the first place."

Since Justin has a fondness for the Bard, let us quote Julius Caesar:

Why, friends, you go to do you know not what:

Wherein hath Caesar thus deserved your loves?

Caesar had a pretty significant track record - Roman general wise - when he was made Consul and Dictator. Pierre Trudeau had a less impressive CV when first elected to parliament, but still of note. University professor, writer, lawyer and general activist. Not much in the way of private sector experience, but his father had made enough money for that not to be a problem. In the nine years - almost exactly - since Justin's overwrought eulogy for his father, we're still trying to figure out what exactly has this man done. Getting nearer and nearer to the ugly side of forty, the uncrowned Prince of Canada looks rather like an upper class slacker. One of the standard digs, well before he found himself a guest of the American government, at Conrad Black was that he was a son of privilege. Born with a sliver spoon his rise to power and influence was no more than a modest hike up. What of Justin Trudeau then? Lord Black's career in business and non-fiction make him one of the most remarkable Canadians of his generation. The third largest newspaper publisher in the world at one point, he is definitely "world class." Aside from showing up, what has Justin Trudeau done to deserve to become Prime Minister? 

The Cult of Justin is something out of a Third World country, or Massachusetts. The Divine Right of political inheritance. The priest need only rise and say: "I proclaim thee, Justin son of Pierre, to be the rightful Prime Minister of Canada. Away foul usurpers Iggy and Stephen." He's still youngish - by political standards - so he needs to climb the un-greased pole slowly. Let the old men exhaust themselves. It will only make his ascension all the more glorious. For now he bides his time, preparing for the future. Delivering platitudes to school girls who swoon, so that one day he may deliver platitudes to the nation, and watch the MSM swoon.  

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"Aside from showing up, what has Justin Trudeau done to deserve to become Prime Minister?"

Nothing of course, but it may be enough. Even worse is that there is nothing Mr. Harper can do to prevent The Son of Satan from taking over some day. The longer Harper stays in power, the sooner the Liebrals will tire of Iggy and replace him. Justin may be their ticket back to office. It's a bad situation made worse by Canadians' complete lack of knowledge of their history.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2009-09-17 8:03:19 AM

Who is this pompous, dreadful bore called "Publius"?

Who IS it pumping this turgid prose upon my computer screen whenever I visit the Shotgun?

Who IS this incoherent conservative gas bag of a prig who would dare -- presumably with straigh face -- call Conrad EFFING Black "one of the greatest Canadians of his generation"?!??

Posted by: Redmond | 2009-09-17 6:23:02 PM

I don't really care what Justin has done. Look at Iggy, he's apparently done loads of stuff but he's still a Liberal who must march to the Liberal Party Constitution. That's what's at the heart of the matter. Justin, Iggy, or even the future saviour LeBlanc could all be right-wing extremists at heart, but they still have to abide by the Liberal Party Constitution. And that is what makes each and every one of them a hazard to Canada.

Posted by: johndoe124 | 2009-09-17 6:58:46 PM

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