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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Dispatches from B.C. - Is There A Good Restaurant In Revelstoke?

A recent visit to the mountain town known for its mountain scenery, skiing and lakes would seem to provide a quick and easy answer - no.

As a kid I would often travel through Revelstoke when I was headed West on Griswold-esque family driving excursions to the West Coast.  Without fail, my parents would begin drooling over the prospect of enjoying a beef dip sandwich in a wooden booth at the Frontier Family Restaurant on the Trans-Canada highway.  Like them, I too enjoyed the beef dip that lurked therein and often marveled at my Dad's refined beef dip palate, that had him call gravy audibles (he insisted that the au jus be taken away and replaced with real gravy) while I just enjoyed what was put in front of me.  The beef dip at the Frontier was a treat, and I have always been a fan of this longtime Revelstoke standby.  Incidentally, the "new" short rib beef dip at Earl's is a killer and should be tried immediately, but there I go getting off track again.

Back to the tale at hand.  This trip, my travelling and dining companion who fancies herself to have more sophisticated tastes than roadside beef dips insisted that we head into town.  I must say, downtown Revelstoke is a a real surprise - small town charm and mountain ambience and a really great experience.  However, there appears to be a real dearth of restaurant choices.  After consulting the local tourism bureau (rarely helpful), we struck out on our own and tried Bad Paul's Roadside Grill in the heart of downtown Revelstoke.

Paul's is a pretty nice room.  Clean, with neutral decorations and an unoffensive vibe that would be welcoming to almost anyone.  We decided to sit on the quiet, secluded rear patio, which only helped build expectations that we were in for a dining treat.  Our server was prompt and pleasant and while the wine list was limited, we ordered and were hastily brought a pair of glasses filled with average BC wine.  So far, so good.  Then we ordered.  We decided to share the veggie spring rolls and then to each have the Paul's fajitas.  Incidentally, the breadth of the menu is bizarre - Italian, Mexican, German and North American food among others.  Anyway, the spring rolls arrived and while they were obviously fresh out of the deep fryer, they were still frozen in the middle.  Two strikes - frozen food served at a frozen and less than palatable temperature.  We each licked up another glass of wine and crossed our fingers for the fajitas.  When they arrived they were huge (each order is enough for two people), piping hot and really pretty solid yet somehow, extraordinarily bland.  Overall, the service was good, the food average and the prices fairly steep for somewhere other than a flashy resort town.

Hence, unless I (or more accurately my dining companions) am in the mood for one of Frontier Fred's beef dips the questions remains - is there a good restaurant in Revelstoke?

Posted by Knox Harrington on September 2, 2009 in Food and Drink | Permalink


...is there a good restaurant in Revelstoke?
Posted by Knox Harrington on September 2, 2009

As Revelstoke predominately caters to people from Alberta the answer would be no.

Posted by: The Stig | 2009-09-02 5:40:36 PM

Try the Wolseley Cafe for a pretty decent meal

Posted by: Mark | 2009-09-03 11:43:03 AM

Try this place ... call ahead


Griffin Lake Lodge

Posted by: Momar | 2009-09-03 11:50:36 AM

Hi there are tons of great eating spots in revelstoke. The last drop. The grizzly Pub, zalas, The village Idiot, Emo's, Kowabuka, just to name a few. So the answer is a resounding YES there are great places to eat in Revelstoke!!

Posted by: Anonymous | 2009-09-03 6:11:22 PM

The Village Idiot serves some pretty fantastic, hearty fare; The Last Drop has a varied and tasty British pub menu; Zalas has truly great pizza; Great White North serves very good food just west of Revelstoke; Kawakubo has surprisingly good sushi for the BC interior; Woolsey Creek has quite a sophisticated menu (albeit slightly pricey)... one mediocre restaurant does not make or break a city. Would you have been happier if Revelstoke was full of chain restaurants like Earl's?

Posted by: Karilyn | 2009-09-03 10:24:33 PM

Revelstoke Mountain Resort we'll be opening a new restaurant and bar in Nelsen Lodge for the ski season. It will open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and apres ski and will feature an upscale, casual menu with Asian-fusion accents. This will be a great addition to the local restaurant scene.

Other new casual dining options that have opened this summer include a great new Indian restaurant and Mountain Meals, both are located in downtown Revelstoke.

Posted by: Ashley | 2009-09-04 9:53:07 AM

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