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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brothel Bust

Prostitution, the act of having sex for money, is not illegal in Canada, nor should it be. But most of the acts surrounding consensual sex for money is illegal;

Last week in Winnipeg, two people were charged with running a brothel.

A number of rooms within the residence were being rented to sex-trade workers for illegal sexual activity, police said. As well, one of the occupants of the home was allegedly involved in the sex trade and directly involved with the other sex-trade workers by way of booking appointments for the consumers, police said.

This sounds like a business to me, a business run on consensual sex.

"These individuals were acting in a sense almost as managers. They were running a facility, and not only were they running the facility, they were benefitting by way of allowing individuals to attend and use the residence for sexual acts," alleged police spokesman Const. Jason Michalyshen.

And now those folks will move to the street, or another brothel. These actions don't stop prostitution, it just makes criminals out of the participants. This was a home that offered controls and a safe environment for people to do their business, moving it to the street provides much more risk to the people involved.

Because of the prohibited activities that surround prostitution it is difficult to engage in it without breaking any laws. Perhaps that is the purpose that some of these moralists have, to make it more difficult and force their morals onto other people. While it might do that, it doesn't stop people from participating in it, just makes it more dangerous.

Perhaps you don't approve of prostitution, that is fine, don't participate in it. Consensual sex is the business of those people involved in the transaction, whether it be for cash, for popularity, or whatever motivations people may have. If you expect the freedom to choose who you have sex with, then you need to afford others that same freedom, no matter their motivation.

As is often heard, people in the neighborhood where this home was located were unaware of the illegal activity.

(Neighbor Shelly )Mure said Stiles Street is quiet and family-friendly and that she was surprised to hear of the arrests.

Tanya Warrikow grew up on Stiles and described it in the same way as Mure. It is because of that quiet, safe feel that she returned there to raise her own family. But news of the brothel has tainted that image.

If brothels weren't prohibited then they could set-up as legitimate business in non-residential areas; doing that in the current climate is difficult.

With all of the gang activity and real criminals in Winnipeg, the Winnipeg Police Service continues to investigate and go after people involved in consensual so-called "crimes" such as the sex trade, and you and I are forced to pay for it.




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"paying for sex from anyone under the age of 18"

Interesting that you included that on your list. Since the other items on the list are all laws I am sure you don't support, it raises the question whether you think this is a bad law as well. My guess is you take the position that "so long as it is legal for two people to have sex, one paying the other for it should be legal". So since the age of consent in Canada is 16, there should be no law against paying someone 16 or 17 for sex. Furthermore, since it is legal for two people who are both 13 to have sex with each other, you would say that it should be legal for one to pay the other for sex. Finally, since it is already illegal for someone who is 18 (or older) to have sex with someone who is younger than 16, we don't need a second law that makes it illegal for that person to pay for sex.

Is that about right?

PS - I know you have forsworn replying to me, but you might make an exception to clarify your original post. Or maybe not.... It's up to you.... :-)

Posted by: Fact Check | 2009-09-12 1:41:51 PM

I listed all of the "do nots" in the law with regards to prostitution.

Posted by: Freedom Manitoba | 2009-09-12 10:49:48 PM

Oh, I can't resist:

Two Irishmen decide to go into business, and they start up a pub. Unfortunately, competition is fierce, business is slow, and before long they're forced out of business.

On closing night, they're sitting there, drinking the last of the inventory, and feeling sad. Paddy starts feeling bitter and says, "Mike, we were fools to open a pub in this town. We should have opened a brothel!"

Mike says, "Oh, don't be a fool, Paddy. If they wouldn't pay for beer, they wouldn't pay for broth!"

Right, that's enough out of me...

Posted by: ebt | 2009-09-13 12:32:14 PM

Just legalize prostitution, apply the proper level of healthcare and public safety regulations, and let the tax dollars roll in.

Posted by: Mark-Alan Whittle | 2009-09-13 1:27:07 PM

Just legalize prostitution, apply the proper level of healthcare and public safety regulations, and let the tax dollars roll in.

Posted by: Mark-Alan Whittle | 2009-09-13 1:27:07 PM

Some people would rather make criminals out of theose people involved and force them to ply their trade on the street, which puts everyone at more risk.

Posted by: Freedom Manitoba | 2009-09-13 3:09:41 PM

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