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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Will Jason Clemens become new executive director of the Fraser Institute?

JasonClemensEvents Vancouver-based Straight.com has picked up the story that Dr. Mark Mullins will be leaving the Fraser Institute as the organization’s executive director. Mullins' accomplishments with the Institute are significant, and can be found here.

So who will fill Mullins' shoes? Straight.com reporter Charles Smith gets close to speculating that Jason Clemens might be in-line for the job:

Coincidentally, a former Fraser Institute director of fiscal studies, Jason Clemens, will be in Vancouver on July 9 to give a six-month review of Barack Obama’s performance as president. Clemens is now director of research and strategic development at the Pacific Research Institute in San Francisco.

Clemens is a brilliant intellectual, strategist, communicator and networker. He's got it all, with good looks and charm to spare. He would be ideally suited for the job, and would give libertarians very little about which to complain.

(Picture: Jason Clemens)

Posted by Matthew Johnston

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Windsor School baby!

Posted by: Matt | 2009-07-07 10:04:49 PM

He doesn't have a PhD. That's why he wasn't considered previously (and probably why he didn't apply).

I vote for Brian Lee Crowley.

Posted by: Robert Seymour | 2009-07-08 3:09:32 PM

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