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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Stelmach’s promise hits the right note: CTF

Scott hennig The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) applauded Premier Ed Stelmach today for his commitment not to hike taxes during his term in office. CTF Alberta director Scott Hennig responded to comments made by the Premier that “As long as I'm premier of this province, there will be no tax increases."

Notwithstanding the massive new taxes on Alberta’s oil and gas industry that came through the New Royalty Framework, the Premier seems resolved to resist further pressure to announce new tax increases in Budget 2010.

“Taxpayers have rightfully been concerned that the Stelmach government was preparing to hike their taxes in Budget 2010,” said Hennig. “And we made it clear in our recent pre-budget meeting with the Treasury Board that CTF supporters were completely opposed to hiking taxes.

“Premier Stelmach’s unequivocal promise to never raise taxes is very welcomed,” continued Hennig. “He’s made a big promise today and it’s excellent news for taxpayers.

“The next step for Premier Stelmach is to firmly commit not to run up deficits and debts into the future, and to balance the budget through spending reductions,” said Hennig.

Promises not to raise taxes are often broken, of course. The CTF points out that former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein said in 2001 that "The only way taxes are going in this province is down.” That promise was broken a year later in Budget 2002, when the province raised the health care premium tax.

“We hope this Premier, unlike his predecessor, keeps his word,” concluded Hennig.

(Picture: Scott Hennig)

Posted by Matthew Johnston

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Ed Stupid's optics rescinding booze taxes while cutting health care is disastrous.

His cabinet is split and in disarray over Bill 44, 19 and over taxes, deficits and cutbacks.

The electorate is completely pissed at spending $2 billion on unproven nonsense Carbon Capture technology while cutting back health.

His cabmins and MLA's are alienating everybody with ignorant comments.

The WRA is on the ascendency and people are asking if David Swann really such a bad guy after all?

Stupid's days are numbered. The MLA's are getting an earful on the street.

Posted by: epsilon | 2009-07-08 2:52:06 PM

I'll believe it when I see it. So far this guy's been a complete disaster as premier. I'm beginning to wonder if he's been looking too long into a Palantír with Dalton McGuinty (er, Sauron) on the other side.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-07-08 3:05:47 PM

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