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Monday, July 27, 2009

Saskatchewan crime rate and severity down, but still highest in Canada

Saskatchewan's reported crime rate and overall crime severity has dropped for the fifth straight year, according to a recent Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics report. The crime rate in the province fell 4 per cent in 2008 while the severity index dropped 5 per cent. The Regina and Saskatoon Census Metropolitan Area crime severity index values were both down 13 per cent, while the crime rate fell 7 percent in Regina and 10 percent in Saskatoon.

Youth crime is also down in 2008, with the youth violent crime rate dropping 10 percent. Even so, Saskatchewan continues to have the highest provincial police-reported crime rate and crime severity index value in Canada.

"These downward trends are encouraging. They suggest that our government's initiatives are working and that we're headed in the right direction," Attorney General and Justice Minister Don Morgan said. "Nevertheless, there is a lot more to be done. We must continue to work hard to develop and implement programs that not only address crime as it is committed, but also root causes of crime such as addictions, unemployment and lack of education."

Current programs to address crime include increased number of police officers and prosecutors, family violence prevention, rehabilitation programs, literacy initiatives, victims' services and anti-gang strategies. These programs involve communities, local police services and community-based organizations.

"Rather than just focusing on the crimes and the offenders themselves, we must work together to address the issues surrounding why people commit crimes in our communities. These are important factors to consider not only between our different government ministries, but across society as a whole," Morgan said.

If unemployment is a cause of crime, Canadians can expect more of it as we go through this recession.

Posted by Matthew Johnston

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Is the multicultralism that Ontario is "forcing" on them breaking down: thereby reducing the crime rates??

Sorry, given some of the silliness on some of the other threads I could not restrain myself. Thanks for the info,

Posted by: V. M. Smith | 2009-07-27 8:35:34 AM

V.M.- Your comment is rather silly, and not well thought out. Most of the violence in Saskatchewan is, in fact, cultural. No point in me going into detail, Anyone who's spent time there knows what I'm talking about.

Posted by: dp | 2009-07-27 9:17:50 AM

The stats are useless unless you break out the significant factor that dp alluded to. And the current policy path for those federally funded ghettos and collectives won't improve the situation.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2009-07-27 10:12:19 AM

Notice the near perfect positive correlation between crime rates and percentage of the population that is Indian. That, and frontier theory, explain why Calgary has a higher murder rate than wretched Toronto.

Posted by: 436343643 | 2009-07-27 12:55:05 PM


By: Mike (Ali) Raccoon Eyes Kinney

As a Cherokee Native American Activist and a former member of the Richmond California Violence Prevention Movement, I have seen close to 515 homicides in the City of Richmond from 2001 to the present.

The declaration of a 'war on violence' by the Richmond city government was not the panacea, instead it failed miserably.

I have often stated in town hall meetings and on television, the best way to win the 'war on violence' in Richmond is to 'TEACH THE VALUES OF PEACE'.

In the killing fields of Richmond, most of the victims of homicides are youth or young adults. Teaching the values of peace begins with our youth and young adults. From a Native perspective, winning the war on violence begins in the home with a strong, spiritual belief and value system.

We believe that Creator made all generations, past, present and those of the future, holy people. This is what our Elders teach us from the time we are born.

Our families and Elders teach our young people that they must tear away the images and stereotypes that mainstream society has placed upon them as Native peoples.

Violence and killing is not traditional in Native culture, it is a learned behavior from mainstream society.

We teach our youths not to attack, punish or beat themselves up for crimes that they have never committed in regards to racism. Our Elders and families teach our young people to have good self-esteem, self-worth and self-value, for as the original holy people this was Creators plan.

Native people know that it is both family and community responsibility to teach the values of peace to our young people.

We teach our young people honesty and accountability concerning violence. It begins with accepting responsibility for self and acknowledging any past use of violence.

Admitting any wrongdoing, communicating openly and truthfully to renounce the use of violence in the future places our youth on the right path. We place a heavy emphasis that all life is sacred.

The final lesson in teaching the values of peace is quite simple. It is helping young people understand their relationship to others and all things in Creation.

Be responsible for your role, act with compassion and respect, and remember ALL LIFE IS SACRED. Native culture is prevention!

Mike (Ali) Raccoon Eyes Kinney

Posted by: Mike Raccoon Eyes Kinney | 2009-08-02 8:58:38 PM

"Violence and killing is not traditional in Native culture, it is a learned behavior from mainstream society."

Lies. Shameless lies. Blaming the sky high rates of Indian violence on whitey; blaming the victim.

Torture and slavery and warfare and theft and murder and human sacrifice: these are all traditional in Indian culture. So is telling shameless lies, apparently.

Posted by: 436343643 | 2009-08-03 6:52:30 AM

"Violence and killing is not traditional in Native culture, it is a learned behavior from mainstream society."

I suppose I agree with this, to some degree. There was harmony within the tribe.

There was, however, extreme violence against opposing tribes. The inhuman cruelty that tribes used against opposing tribes is legendary.

Posted by: dp | 2009-08-03 9:56:02 AM

not to be racist but the reason our crime rate is so high is because of the native generally. i have alot of native friends and they are the ones who rob people even their own friends. i get calls from native people i know all the time asking if i want to buy something they stole. but i live in prince albert which is probably the worst for that. i hear all the time how someone stabbed someone for coke or jib. we had a metal detector put in our court house last year or two years ago and the first day it was in use 47 needles and 8 knifes were found. and thats down on central where all the natives hang out.

Posted by: devin | 2009-08-11 2:57:00 PM

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