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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Marc Emery’s “Farewell Tour” rolls through Banff: A report by Krista Zoobkoff

Marc Emery’s “Farewell Tour” rolled through Banff, Alberta on Monday for an event hosted by Krista Zoobkoff, Libertarian Party candidate for the riding of Wild Rose in the last federal election.

In a report for the Western Standard, Zoobkoff wrote:

Marc and Jodie Emery made their way to Banff on their second stop in the Marc Emery "Farewell Tour." The event was teetering on shaky ground, as we prayed for the weather to clear up. The event was held at the gazebo in central park at 4:30 p.m. just as the rain stopped. One hundred Emery supporters braved their way to the outdoor venue, making the Banff stop on the Farewell Tour a success.

Emery is being extradited to the United States for his conspiracy to cultivate marijuana. This is a man who is going to lose his freedom for his part in selling cannabis seeds over the border to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). This was an act that was non-violent and that had no victims. Cannabis seeds don’t contain THC or any other intoxicant.

As a Canadian, I am outraged at the United States, the DEA, the RCMP, and the Conservative government that has not come to the aid of a Canadian citizen. Canada is not going to be safer with Emery behind bars, further showing the incompetence of the Harper government. The Emery extradition has been a burden to taxpayers, leaving Canadians to suffer the loss of a family member and a friend. These are our tax dollars hard at work.

Emery is going to prison and there is nothing we can do about that. Our next fight is going to be to put pressure on the Conservatives to transfer Emery to Canada so he can do his time where he will be safe and have access to his family and friends. So don’t rest just yet and stay informed on what we can do to get him transferred to Canada.

Thanks for the update, Krista.

Banff marc    

The "Farewell Tour" will be in Lethbridge this evening and Edmonton on Thursday.

(Picture: Marc and Jody Emery in Banff, Alberta)

Posted by Matthew Johnston

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Make all the demands you like, Greenthumb. The Americans don't have a single reason to listen to you.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-07-09 7:00:46 PM

"Violence and death to innocent people."

And yet knowing this, people continue to buy blood pot. What does that say about their character, Dennis? If ever there was a moral crime that is it. The most ghastly irony is that most of these same people will bitterly denounce blood for oil.

"There is no complainant. Emery hurt no one. In the eyes of his customers, Emery is as criminal as a liquor store owner."

You could use this to justify the smuggling of any product, including military hardware. But then, you're not big on laws, are you?

"The drug war is killing our cops. Cops are my former brothers and more than likely your heroes."

How many police officers have lost their lives to the "drug war" in Canada in the last 20 years, Dennis? Don't bother including the Mayerthorpe shootings; the main thrust of the investigation was Roszko's innumerable property crimes. Even then, that was the worst single-day loss of life for the RCMP in 100 years.

"I mean show me a coward that doesn't demand more protection from cops and soldiers."

I would happily accept less protection from both, Dennis, if I were allowed to do more of the job myself. Kevlar, by the way, is no protection against centrefire rifle bullets, knives, or arrows. Just so you know.

"The war has been waged for 80 years. What kind of nitwit would lose a war for 80 years and demand more war?"

The war against crime has been waged for many thousands of years, and yet every year there is a fresh cohort of thieves, murderers, and so on. Oh, and for the first 30 years those drugs were illegal, it was a non-issue. What happened to change that, Dennis? Maybe that should be the focus of your investigation. You know...follow the clues. Like a cop would.

"Turn on your red lensed flashlight, carefully sneak out of your closet, grip your cross tightly, leopard crawl to your phone and call a friend if need be."

Yes, I know that when most city folk are in trouble, they think 911. I prefer to think 1911. Or in my specific case, 1895.

"The only people who want to continue this war are the fearful, the ignorant and the Christian Sharia snake dancers - The lunatics."

Riding the bitter bus there, Dennis? That's what I like--unbiased sources. Keep kicking sand in people's face, Dennis. Insult their religion and their way of life. It'll win you lots and lots of support.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-07-09 7:14:31 PM

ahahaha canada gets bitch slapped by the USA once again ahahaha

and mark emery rules comparing him to a holocaust dennier is retarded on so many levels it's just proof canadians are little fag bitches with no backbone that dude is more like the only guy in a room full of holocaust deniers telling them that yes hitler was killing jews and being a massive dick you're all fucking crazy people because the holoaust happened you fucking dumbasses

Posted by: meh | 2009-07-11 7:59:03 PM

Drugs. Gotta be.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-07-11 9:05:10 PM

Let's imprison Beer-manufacturers too!

Posted by: Pedro | 2009-07-12 11:20:18 AM

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