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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lindy performs "Shakedown," the pro-freedom of expression song, at the Liberty Summer Seminar

This past weekend was the ninth annual Liberty Summer Seminar held in Orono, Ontario. We will release video of all the speeches and events shortly, but we have a very special video that we are releasing right now.

The incredibly talented musician Lindy Vopnfjord put together a song in honour of our friend and former publisher, Ezra Levant, and his continuing battle against the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The song, appropriately called "Shakedown," sharing a name with Ezra's book, is a tribute to freedom of expression, and hammers home the message that the Canadian Human Rights Commissions are in violation of this traditional Canadian freedom.

The song was debuted at this year's Liberty Summer Seminar. Here is the video:

The song will be released on iTunes within the next two weeks. We will let you know when it's available, so that we can all support a Canadian musician who deserves to get some change out of our pockets for his efforts.

Posted by Matthew Johnston

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I'm surprised I didn't drop the camera. I had about 10 beers in me when I taped this. You can actually hear how slurred my speech is near the end. :)

Posted by: Mike Brock | 2009-07-28 12:33:27 PM

Nice. :-)

Never trust a man who doesn't drink.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2009-07-28 12:48:01 PM

Never trust a man who doesn't drink.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2009-07-28 12:48:01 PM

Does that apply to observant Muslims?

Posted by: Kalim Kassam | 2009-07-28 12:50:55 PM

And Mormons?

Probably not. But I'm keeping an eye on them all, you can be sure. :-)

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2009-07-28 12:57:14 PM

It those teetotalers who join Anti-Saloon Leagues that I'm worried about. Mencken had their number: know nothing utopian reformers.

Posted by: Kalim Kassm | 2009-07-28 1:08:29 PM

Hell...never trust a woman who doesn't drink! ;-)

Posted by: libertybelle | 2009-07-28 1:54:25 PM

Great Song!

Posted by: Craig B. Chandler | 2009-07-28 2:10:42 PM

catch tune. I hope to go up to the seminar next year, its on my calendar!

Posted by: Calgary Libertarian | 2009-07-28 2:46:38 PM

Jason Kennedy MP, featured in "official" shakdown video!

Posted by: Eddie Brettingham | 2009-07-28 3:34:45 PM

Jason Kenny** damn typos!

Posted by: Eddie Brettingham | 2009-07-28 3:35:43 PM

Amazing to watch this video. The live singing was incredible. Lindy sang the song twice just because people were so excited when he first sang it.

Posted by: P.M. Jaworski | 2009-07-28 6:46:44 PM

CBC: Watch it, the music could pull into a will for freedom:)

Posted by: Dennis Young | 2009-07-28 7:41:08 PM

Does the heart good that real music with a message still exists.

I am calling all freedom lovers to join me in the next election, Provincial or federal. What I am going to do is go to the poll and abstain my vote as loudly as possible to make sure that it is officially recorded. They say one person can't change the world but I say one person can make a hell of a lot of noise.


Posted by: Doug Gilchrist | 2009-07-30 10:00:04 AM

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