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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Is there anything Obama doesn't know?

I'm guessing that you didn't know that Barack Obama was an expert on structural engineering in addition to being President of the United States.

At least you'd wonder that after reading The Province newspaper, in a story today on a local company that makes waterproof concrete.

The story, "Concrete praise from Obama",  begins:

Kari Yuers might have wished Barack Obama's endorsement had been more concrete, but when the U.S. president praises your technology, you don't complain.

Especially considering the Vancouver company you run is one of the North American enterprises not yet owned by the U.S. government.

In discussing clean energy last week, Obama cited new forms of concrete that are waterproofed from within.

"That can mean that bridges and roads and buildings can last 20 or 30 years longer than using conventional concrete," he told a press conference.

 I might differ from the Province editors here. Wouldn't the "lede" be that a local company is making a unique product sold around the world? The company was always newsworthy even before Obama noticed what they happened to make.

What about the timeliness of Obama's remarks? Well, the story goes on to say that the Shaw Tower project in downtown Vancouver, only completed in the past few years, uses the company's special concrete. "News pegs" are not impossible to find.

Somehow I think that the advantages of the waterproof concrete would sound more credible coming from the company that built the Shaw Tower, say, than from President Obama. If he had commended the company specifically, or the B.C. firm was the only company that made it, that would be different...but that's apparently not that case.

I wonder if the newspaper's editor's remain in a bit of an Obama-induced swoon. That may be the case, unless, of course, the president already has a doctorate in engineering that he neglected to mention to everyone.

Posted by Rick Hiebert on July 7, 2009 in Media | Permalink


Not just engineering Rick, but business and climatology too. And I am sure much much more.

Posted by: TM | 2009-07-07 8:26:05 PM

Somehow I think that the advantages of the waterproof concrete would sound more credible coming from the company that built the Shaw Tower, say, than from President Obama

very well put rick

Posted by: krista zoobkoff | 2009-07-07 8:53:29 PM

Obama can do anything !!


Posted by: The original JC | 2009-07-07 8:58:46 PM

He's actually not very intelligent, that's why he needed affirmative action to get into an Ivy League college and to advance his academic career by his own admission.
Posted by: Attacker | 2009-07-07 8:46:08 PM

Pat Buchanan writes about the rot that has now set in at the US Navy. I do agree that when one disagrees with the WS scribblers about immigration, affirmative action, muslim terrorism, etc. they are usually the first ones to yell racist. Zebulon Punk will be delighted that his unqualified bro's will now get admitted to Annapolis. They can change the US Navy motto from "Not self but country" to "Someone's got to drive this thing".


Posted by: The Stig | 2009-07-07 9:21:57 PM

Blame the tele-prompter speech writer, he just reads what is in front of him. Who ever wrote his speech didn't bother to look into what he was talking about. They are getting lazy because the press has let them off the hook so many times. The voters don't bother following up on any facts which makes it easy for politicians to say any thing.

Posted by: Calgary Libertarian | 2009-07-07 10:26:50 PM

On another note, you guys should write an article entitled: "Is there anything the Pope doesn't know?" Just a suggestion ;)

Posted by: Charles | 2009-07-08 5:25:19 AM

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