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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hot Room Live from the LSS

The Hot Room Live. Streaming live from the Liberty Summer Seminar. Internet link is via Satellite, so it may go up and down. But listen in to see what's going on.

Free live streaming by Ustream

Posted by Mike Brock on July 25, 2009 | Permalink


Testing 1,2,3 echoback echoback test testing 1,2,3

WTF is going on?

Posted by: The Stig | 2009-07-25 11:00:56 AM

We are testing our wireless Internet uplink from the middle of nowhere.

Posted by: Mike Brock | 2009-07-25 11:55:36 AM

All you are doing is running a loop. Why don't you shut it off?

Posted by: The Stig | 2009-07-25 12:05:25 PM

You've been testing for 2 1/2 hours. The test won't stop and it eventually locks up the WS. I thought you said you were a software "engineer".

Posted by: The Stig | 2009-07-25 1:39:54 PM

Technical problem? I just assumed it was more gibberish coming from Will Wilkinson. :-)

Wish I could be there, Mike. I'll have to listen instead.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2009-07-25 2:15:14 PM

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