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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tim Hudak and his middle class idiocy

It is not unusual for politicians to blatantly pander to certain sections of society. In fact such pandering is often a sign of a successful and savvy political operative. There is an art, however, to pander without sounding like an idiot. Tim Hudak, I am sorry to say has failed at this endeavour.

I remember going to the candidates’ debate in London. It was actually one of the best politician’s debates that I have ever seen. Most of the candidates were not only respectful of each other; they were respectful of the audience. They respected the audience by not talking down to them or just mouthing meaningless rhetoric. They talked about issues of property rights and rule of law in a thoughtful and honest manner.

I say most and not all candidates because Tim Hudak did not show such respect for his fellow party members. He could barely allow a sentence to go by without proclaiming his love for ‘the middle class.’ The great mantra of his campaign is that he is the one to do what is best for this loose and ill defined group that sociologists and some economists call the ‘middle class.’ I am sure that I have heard more meaningless babble from politicians in my life, but in contrast to his three opponents...well let us just say that he looked like a fool.

The low point is when there was a question regarding the rule of law. The other three candidates all spoke eloquently about the need to enforce laws equally to have a free and just society. Tim Hudak opened his answer with, “The rule of law is a middle class value.”

I laughed.

How could I not laugh at the absurdity that his campaign had become? The rule of law is not a middle class value. It is a human value. A human value that is fundamental to a good society and peaceful existence. The rule of law is one of the great accomplishments of human progress. Mr. Hudak has managed to shrink the concept down to his narrow pandering needs.

Before you accuse me of being biased against Tim Hudak; I was once a great fan of his. I once cheered his name in model parliament as he took the Speaker’s seat. He was on my list of potential John Tory replacements even before the 2007 election.

It is Mr. Hudak that has disappointed me.

Posted by Hugh MacIntyre on June 7, 2009 | Permalink


Tim Hudak is proving to be a disaster of the likes not seen since John Tory.

When is this party going to get it right?

I will not be voting for Hudak.

Posted by: Frank B | 2009-06-08 8:25:39 AM

Yes, God forbid we should have a leader with consistent and clear messaging.

That "loose and ill-defined" middle class is where elections are won.

I will be voting for Hudak.

Posted by: Sean Gilmour | 2009-06-15 12:09:22 AM

Hudak thinks he knows Northern Ontario because he was once Minister of Northern Development and Mines under Harris. He acts as if Northerners really liked him. Well the truth is that Northerners hated him and especially his government. He doesn't know anything about Northern Ontario.

Posted by: Bob Peloquin | 2009-06-16 1:07:30 AM

Oh and I forgot to mention that he is from Niagara and was the Northern minister. That's because the PCs couldn't win a seat in Northern Ontario and they won't for awhile.

Posted by: Bob Peloquin | 2009-06-16 11:41:22 AM

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