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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scrapping H-R Tribunal would hurt Ont. Tories

A clear sign that Ontarians need more education:

From today's London Free Press:

Scrapping the Ontario human rights tribunal resonates about as well with Ontario voters as did the ill-fated plan to extend public funding to faith-based schools.

An Angus Reid poll of voting intentions obtained by The Free Press comes as bad news for two candidates for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario who want to scrap the tribunal.

The online poll of 802 voters between June 9 and 11 showed the PC party would halve its popular support by scrapping the tribunal.

Asked if they'd consider the Ontario PC Party as an alternative to Dalton McGuinty's Liberals in the next election, 42.6% of respondents said yes, 38.8% no.

Asked whether they'd consider voting the same way if the PC party's new leader wanted to scrap the tribunal, that support plunged to 25.2%. In that scenario, 44.5% said they wouldn't vote for the PCs.

Posted by Terry O'Neill on June 16, 2009 in Canadian Provincial Politics | Permalink


What Ontario needs is show trials where non-whites can inflict some "justice" on whites who have oppressed them.

Posted by: Zebulon Pike | 2009-06-16 6:42:42 PM


Not so fast. This poll looks to have been commissioned by the Elliot campaign:

"Yet in a poll published by the London Free Press today the paper does not disclose that a poll favourable to Ontario Progressive Conservative Leadership candidate Christine Elliott, was commissioned by Ms. Elliott's campaign. While Elliott's main rival Tim Hudak and dark horse contender Randy Hillier have both pledged to do away with Ontario's Human Rights Commission, Elliott says she will keep them and any to attempt to do away with them will allow the Liberals to paint the PCs as bigots. Now comes a poll published in the Freeps showing Ontarians agree with her position."


Posted by: Publius | 2009-06-16 6:46:32 PM

This poll doesn't prove a thing. The HR tribunals are far down the list of most people's priorities and if a party wasn't already on the verge of being abandoned by a voter, a vote to scrap them wouldn't push it over.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-06-16 6:53:22 PM

The London Free press editorial board has its collective head up its collective *ss in regards to the the kangaroo court style operations of HRC's.

Ezra Levant, Kathy Shaidle and Salim Mansur witnessed that first hand in London a scant few weeks ago in London.

Elliott has a decnt platform, but she needs to come out much stronger on the HRC's.
More Margaret Thatcher, then she will capture the leadership.
Reporting a negative story on the leadership hopefuls and proponents of killing the HRC in Ontario is leftist LFP spin in my view.

Posted by: Joe Molnar | 2009-06-16 7:21:23 PM

A political party either stands on principles or it stands for nothing. So if a poll claims that the majority would vote for a party denying equal rights to women, that would make it acceptable for the party to change its platform in order to gain votes. When something is blatantly wrong, even evil, a poll claiming the majority is in favour of it does not make it right; otherwise we have only political whores instead of politicians of worth.

Posted by: Alain | 2009-06-16 8:08:45 PM

Unfortunately, Alain, the people will not tolerate politicians of worth, which leaves us with the alternative.

Posted by: Shane Matthews | 2009-06-17 6:07:00 AM

Doesn't she have a thought of her own? Her "Communications" department better be fired after this leadership as she goes down in 3rd. I have never met a cheater as bad as Dalton.

Posted by: Christine's Polls | 2009-06-17 7:13:49 AM

The poll was right to be dismissed. However, the funny thing is that even IF you look at it as a legitimate poll, when you analyze the numbers (put forward after Team Elliott was embarrassed into publishing them), they don't say anything.

The vast majority of the people who "abandoned" the PCs when asked the question about HRCs actually went to "undecided/unsure", not "No" when asked if they would still consider supporting the PC Party.

That means Ontarians were asked a pointed question on a specific issue they know nothing about and the reaction was unsurprising: "I'm not sure."

Shane is right. This is not on people's radar screens, as much as the Elliott camp would like to think otherwise.

Posted by: Polls Are For Dogs | 2009-06-17 7:18:46 AM

Why didn't the Elliott team say they commissioned the poll? I got an e-mail from them with the results but they didn't say they designed the poll and got Angus Reid to run it under their name. This looks like a bait & switch. Why wouldn't they let Angus Reid design it?

Regarding the HRC issue, why are we even conservatives if we don't stand for free speech and the right to a fair trial? Why do we want a leader who avoids this issue like a political hot potato and "plays it safe"? This is not a losing issue for us -- we give the Liberals too much credit. Where is the courage? Where is the leadership? I would love for the Liberals to try their scare tactics. We're not talking about funding religious schools here, people. We're talking about freedom and justice.

Posted by: James | 2009-06-17 11:24:16 AM

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