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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Real and relevant on Roadkill Radio

RoadKill Radio is back at it again tonight with another show packed with hard-hitting opinion and important news. We'll start at 7:30 p.m. Pacific by revisiting a subject we discussed last week: Alberta's Bill 44. The Legislature has now passed the bill, thereby enshrining parental rights in the province's Human Rights legislation. Last week's guest, Link Byfield, opposed the bill, but this week's guest, Brian Rushfeldt, Executive Director for Canada Family Action Coalition, says there's a real need to protect parental rights, especially in the shadow of B.C.'s “Corren” agreement.

Then, co-host Kari Simpson and I will be talking to a true RoadKill Warrior, Matt Todd. Todd ran as a candidate for Council in White Rock, B.C. last fall and tangoed with long time White Rock Councilor James Coleridge. Coleridge won but played dirty during the election campaign and got caught. Todd took it court and now Coleridge has now lost his seat on council.

For the final segment, in response to many calls and emails Simpson gets about her defamation case against Rafe Mair, we decided that she should update the RoadKill Radio audience on her case. This real life judicial soap-opera impacts everyone and goes to the core values of our civil society and the rule of law.

Log on and listen live tonight at www.roadkillradio.com, 7:30-9:30 p.m. Pacific.

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So, is this Todd guy a vigilante or just a busybody?

Here's one of his scary comments from a newspaper site:
"I do not seek conflict; I seek improvements in quality of life for the people who live in our community. Unfortunately, conflict is sometimes inevitable when asking people to change the choices they make."

He's not asking people to make choices, he's enforcing. Unfortunately, sometimes in the face of factual errors and with maximun disruption and cost to defend or correct. Scary.

Posted by: Councilwatcher | 2009-06-14 9:20:13 AM

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