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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ontario PC Leadership: second round shows Tim Hudak as likely winner

Hudak 4128 (40%)
Klees 3299 (32%)
Elliott 2903 (28%)

Christine Elliott is now out of the running. It is a little unclear who most of her supporters will pick as a second choice, but it is unlikely that Frank Klees will recieve enough to put him over the top. Frank Klees would require 1866 of the redistibuted electoral votes to defeat Tim Hudak. That represents around 64% of Christine Elliott's electoral votes. The high of a persentage didn't even go from Hillier to Hudak.

There is now no question in my mind. Tim Hudak is going to be the next leader of the PC Party of Ontario

Posted by Hugh MacIntyre on June 27, 2009 | Permalink


Hudak means the 2nd coming of Mike Harris and Ontario still recovering from MH#1. Question is will Hudak pull a Harper (ie) sell out ones conservative values and spend like a liberal to get elected?

Posted by: Ken S from Ramara | 2009-06-28 2:04:06 AM

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