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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ontario PC Leadership - First Ballot Results

After the first ballot in the Ontario PC Leadership, here are the results (Note: these are electoral votes, not individual votes):

Tim Hudak - 3511 - 34%
Frank Klees - 3093 - 30%
Christine Elliott - 2728 - 26%
Randy Hillier - 1013 - 10% (will not be advancing to the 2nd ballot)

Here is my quick analysis:

Tim Hudak is in a very strong position to win this. It will be impossible for Hudak to not advance to the 3rd ballot, even if he does not receive a single 2nd place vote from Hillier voters.

Christine Elliott needs to make up 365 electoral vote gap on Klees to advance to the 3rd ballot. This means she needs to get at least 36% more of the total Hillier vote than Klees. This seems unlikely to happen.

Tim Hudak will not be able to win on the 2nd ballot even if he takes 100% of Hillier's 2nd place vote, as that would put him at 44%.

This means there will be a 3rd ballot, which will have Hudak against either Klees or Elliott. It will likely be against Klees. If I were betting, I would put a lot of money on Hudak winning the leadership now.

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I have no love for Dalton, but this "Harris-lite" Hudak guy gives me the creeps.

Hudak seems keen to stop the Tribunal from defending the rights of medical marijuana users, or more to the point, having no solid policies, he is simply using us as political punching bags. Apparently, treating legal, Charter-protected Federally Licensed Medical Marijuana Users like second class citizens is his idea of "family values".

As a Federally Licensed Medical Marijuana User, I already have the right to possess and use marijuana. But provincial laws contradict federal regulations, so if I smoke a joint in front of a restaurant or bar, I could cost them their license. So I filed an Ontario Human Rights Complaint against the Ontario Government for failing to regulate the medical use of marijuana (www.rata.ca). I would have rather gone to court to challenge the law prohibiting pot directly, but that would cost $100,000 at least.

That's my other problem with the Ontario Conservatives: My sick wife and I are on Ontario Disability Support, so if Hudak gets elected, I can pretty much expect to have our monthly allowance cut severely – unless, of course, the Tories finally decide that keeping disabled people alive "isn't in the province's best interest" and cuts every last one of us off completely.

I have no doubt that the the Ontario Conservatives will do for this province what Mike Harris did for it, and what Stephen Harper have done for the country: Sink us into debt, recession, high unemployment, and increased crime. Be afraid, Ontario. Be very afraid.

Russell Barth
Federally Licensed Medical Marijuana User
Patients Against Ignorance and Discrimination on Cannabis

Posted by: Russell Barth | 2009-06-28 3:43:06 AM

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