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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Feminism meets judicial activism

Written in February and published in May by Catholic Insight, this feature article of mine has finally gone on line. I believe that my insights into the outcome of B.C.'s polygamy case still stand up quite well.

Posted by Terry O'Neill on June 4, 2009 in Current Affairs | Permalink


“In the days following the laying of polygamy charges on January 7, 2009, against two British Columbia men who belong to a breakaway Mormon sect, the Canadian punditry was virtually unanimous in asserting that the case would stand or fall on the constitutionality of Section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada, which outlaws polygamy. Furthermore, opinion leaders and legal experts predicted in early January that the issue would eventually end up at the Supreme Court of Canada, where the jurists would in all likelihood rule the section unconstitutional.”

So was the section ruled unconstitutional?

Furthermore, why were these men charged? Did they actually register multiple marriages with the province? Or did these men simply cohabit with multiple women under a private arrangement they considered marriage?

Finally, if I ever join a church, I want it to be a breakaway sect. It’s got a nice ring to it.

Posted by: Matthew Johnston | 2009-06-04 9:30:37 PM

Who sent out this useful idiot Terry O'Neill to lull Canadian public back to sleep while feminists prepare their coup???

Issue of old radical feminists solving their infertility problems by "marry young womb for a while" arrangements never show up on a radar screen as mere possibility, forget showing up as a driving force of concerted efforts under way to legalise polygamy in Canada.

Prospect of feminazis sending their partners overseas in search of perfect baby breeders to be broght home as second wives, kept in a basement and used as disposable wombs does not enter Terry's picture. Prospect of imported baby breeders delivering babies in Canadian hospitals and suffering from "chilbirth complications" that end their miserable lives, and prospect of these poor souls becoming multiple organ donors after their mission in Canada of delivering "perfect baby" is complete does not seem to enter Terry's mind either.

It was no coincident that Karla Homolka got such lenient treatment from homosexuals and feminazis running Ontario Attorney General's Office for her role in multiple murders of Ontario teenage girls; it was no coincident that Karla was allowed to keep her baby and move out of Canada. After all it was Karla who lead the way, and have shown feminazis and other sexual deviants that it does not matter what their partner do with other women, it does not matter how much fun they have with them if in the end these other women end up dead. Terry seem to ignore that very dark aspect of a current push to legalise polygamy as well.

What we get from Terry instead is a his belief that "Goddess of the Church of Secularism, Abortion and Sexual Deviancy" Beverly McLachlin will stand by her feminist priciples and will make sure Blackmore and other men stand chance like a snowball in Hell to get their perverted dreams past big bad dog of Radical Feminism guarding the entrance to their "perverted paradise".

Terry's skilful redirection of public attention to a straw Muslim man and masterful deception of feminist ploy is finished off with graceful bow to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Well done Terry, well done.

Too bad Terry, that you seem to be unable to think dirty and you do not see that you are being used as a useful idiot of radical feminist cause.

Posted by: karol | 2009-06-05 10:50:57 PM

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