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Monday, June 22, 2009

Back on the sawdust trail

Readers who have been following my series of posts about Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley may be interested to know that he is back on the job.

This morning, despite the concerns of many Christians who looked askance at the collapse of Mr. Bentley's Florida revival and his marriage, Mr. Bentley announced the launching of his new website. It has print and video teachings, an internet store and a page where you can ask him to minister at your church. So, he's back on the job.

I may have indepth analysis of this later, once I have had time to read and listen, but I wanted Shotgun readers to be the first on the 'net to learn this which, according to Google, is apparently the case.

{I do have one passing, tongue-in-cheek observation though. The typeface for Mr. Bentley's ministry logo is apparently borrowed from the original TV series of Star Trek. Any idea in your mind that Mr. Bentley is so spiritually adept that he can "go where no man has gone before" was probably put there by accident.)  

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