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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Always follow up on what you blog

Grewal Gurmant Grewal, the former Reform and Tory MP from Surrey B.C., is no doubt pleased that the RCMP has decided to close its criminal investigation into donations made to the politician while he was in office. Yesterday, the B.C. Attorney-General ministry announced that charges would not be filed.

Someone who is no doubt unpleased is the author of the dormant weblog Buckets of Grewal, who for about two years delighted in reporting on the purported misadventures of Mr. Grewal, and became newsworthy in doing so.

It may well be that the Buckets of Grewal author has good cause to suspect that the RCMP has dropped the ball. If so, I would love to see an update to the blog explaining why this is the case. I hold no brief for Mr. Grewal at all, but I would like to suggest that good bloggers should always try to update and correct their work. (After all, if there is talk that with bloggers and the Internet, we don't need printed newspapers and newsmagazines any more--which I certainly don't think is the case--bloggers should be expected by their readers to abide by basic conventions of newsgathering. Follow-up items and corrections--if necessary--being two.)

I hope there is an update from Buckets of Grewal. But perhaps we will hear the sound of crickets chirping instead.

(Picture: Gurmant Grewal)

Posted by Rick Hiebert on June 4, 2009 in Canadian Politics | Permalink


Since most of BoG covered the altered tapes Grewel brought forward, and the investigation has nothing to do with those, what does Buckets have to update?

Posted by: bigcitylib | 2009-06-05 7:39:39 AM

I think Buckets does most of his blogging over at Bouquets of Gray, now: http://www.bouquetsofgray.blogspot.com/

Posted by: Walker | 2009-06-05 12:12:14 PM

Hi BigCityLib...

At least the first two posts on the first page of Buckets of Grewal, which come up when you bring up, refer to the RCMP investigation being launched. It, and the purported need for such an investigation can be thus logically argued to be one of the "controversies" about Grewal that the Buckets of Grewal auteur cites as the subject of the blog.

I come here directly from checking the blog. Yep, the posts are still there...

The Buckets of Grewal author might have reasons that would convince, to the effect that the RCMP is acting like the Keystone Cops here. If so, and they are blogging elsewhere, hopefully they will throw in a post saying, "For my comments on the end of this investigation, see this post here..."

The fact that the Buckets of Grewal blog became nationally newsworthy while the other possible blog isn't as much, makes the kind of housekeeping updates I suggest more timely. I suspect that in a lot of blog posts at the time, you'll read "Buckets of Grewal reports...Buckets of Grewal writes..." and such. So, I'd suggest that my reasons for the need to update that particular blog, even if only in brief, are still good...

Posted by: Rick Hiebert | 2009-06-05 8:17:18 PM

Hi, I just saw this story this morning and have now blogged it -- the first update to bucketsofgrewal.blogspot.com in a couple years. There have been a few other bits and pieces that I probably should have blogged along the way -- but the Grewal stuff really isn't very interesting to me anymore.

My reaction to the end of the fund-raising controversy? I'm not sure I have one either way, except perhaps that its amazing how long this took to be tidied up. The RCMP explain that they concluded that they didn't think they could get a conviction and therefore dropped the matter. Not a lot more can be said.

Posted by: Buckets | 2009-06-08 11:06:23 AM

Thanks for following up on that, Buckets...

Posted by: Rick Hiebert | 2009-06-08 2:07:01 PM

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