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Friday, May 22, 2009

Waiting For the Ezra Levant Exhibit

What rights are those?

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is looking for real stories to put human faces on the serious and often controversial subjects it hopes to explore. The museum, which began construction last month in Winnipeg and is scheduled to open in 2012, launched public consultations Thursday, with plans to visit 16 Canadian cities over the next nine months to hear from individuals about stories and perspectives it can incorporate into its exhibits. "We're hoping to connect with Canadians and demonstrate we are willing to listen," said Angela Cassie, museum spokeswoman. "One of the fundamentals of that is to encourage reflection and dialogue."

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This is an Aspers creation but funded by we tax payers without our consent. That alone is disgusting enough, but I wager any amount that this latest white elephant will be an absolute sham with nothing to do with real human rights.

Posted by: Alain | 2009-05-22 7:50:09 PM

Is there going to be a wing for the farmers who were thrown in jail by the Canadian Wheat Board for trying to sell their own grain?

Posted by: Farmer Joe | 2009-05-22 9:46:11 PM

Ezra certainly deserves an exhibit. So do farmers. So do gun owners.

But drug people deserve an entire wing. Whatever you think of their lifestyle, they have men with guns invade their home sanctioned by law and lock them in cages. For the others, that happens sometimes, if ever. For these people it's the normal course of affairs.

Also, when conservatives complain about the restrictions on freedom against Ezra, farmers, and gun owners, but ignore drug people, it completely undermines their credibility and the force of their arguments.

Posted by: Robert Seymour | 2009-05-23 6:22:11 AM

An Ezra Levant exhibit--that would be a room full of big piles of bullshit.

Posted by: bigcitylib | 2009-05-23 6:23:34 AM

"An Ezra Levant exhibit--that would be a room full of big piles of bullshit.

Posted by: bigcitylib | 2009-05-23 6:23:34 AM"

You are Toronto's answer to Voltaire. Such wit, such originality, such refinement. Your talents are wasted sir, truly wasted. The Toronto Star needs you. Go, do not tarry. With all speed rush to No. 1 Yonge Street and present yourself! Canada hath need of you!

Farmer Joe,

Good to see you in this neck of the woods. Farmers convicted of trying to see their own property deserve at least a wing. But first let's kill the CWB.


Whoa. I'm a classical liberal. Legalize it, don't ban. Wouldn't touch the stuff myself, but that's my choice.

I'm thinking of a nice plaque for the Great Pierre Lemieux for the Gun Rights wing. Other suggestions are welcome.

Posted by: Publius | 2009-05-23 6:36:58 AM


My comment wasn't meant for you, but the usual suspects who read and leave comments.

For what it's worth, I don't much care for drugs either, even booze and smokes.

Posted by: Robert Seymour | 2009-05-23 9:15:27 AM

I find it totally disgusting that they are putting up a statue of Emily Murphy at the site.

This woman was a member of a white supremacist group called the anti-chinese league. Due to her bullshit propaganda about cannabis and other plant based medicines in her book The Black Candle, and in her articles for Maclean's magazine under the penname Janey Canuck, thousands upon thousands of Canadian's human rights are violated every year to this day.

This wretch of a woman should not be celebrated at a human rights museum but vilified and exposed for the hatefull racist bitch that she was.

Posted by: DrGreenthumb | 2009-05-23 5:30:34 PM

Dr Greenthumbs,

How could you forget to mention her role in the eugenics movement? The forced sterilization of thousands of Albertans over a period of four decades. One of the worst human rights violations in this country's history.

Posted by: Publius | 2009-05-23 5:40:06 PM

and this is the kind of human garbage we should be honouring at a human rights museum???

Posted by: DrGreenthumb | 2009-05-23 8:02:59 PM

how about a criminal exibit? everybody who decided to break the laws of the land lets erect a monument to their pioneering efforts to do what ever it takes to pay the rent--- and show how cold hearted neighbors chase after them - police with guns hunt them down- and society builds jails to punish them in..

the nightmare of nice people being hard done by the tyranny of the majority society just because they wanted to follow another destiny using a personal moral code that others oppressed them for implimenting --

Let's explore how it is no wonder criminals have guns: to shoot back at the police ! -- no wonder they cheat lie and do violence: the rest of the world is definately out to get them.No wonder they need so many mood altering drugs, its because they feel bad about being jackbooted 24-7 - even on civic holidays !

Rt Hon. Emily Murphy was a provincial judge long ago when the GNP was 100% hate and racism- she was just wrong because she had no right to "judge" others-- and the accused paraded before her for years on end were all correct and wonderful people.

So lets build a memorial to the tens of thousands of people throughout Canadian history who were brave enough to shake off legal convention and embrace felony-- they took chances- they got caught and often they ended up worse off than they started, That was very unfair- Criminal have rights too- people think crime is wrong only because they have been brainwashed into believing it..

Posted by: 419 | 2009-05-23 9:12:42 PM

I love conservatives. Eugenics and racist reasons for prohibition were okay because the character of the accused might not have been perfect. It's not about whether those people have rights, just if their characters are on par with those of angels.

Modern prohibition of victimless crimes is okay because some criminals use violence even though we can directly trace that violence to prohibitions itself and because the majority approves of it.

Bigots obsessed with punishment and proud of it. Go team conservative!

I used to stand up for conservatives against the left until I became a regular on this blog. Conservatives aren't really racist, police state fascists, I thought. They have interesting ideas and just don't like the left's political correctness. Boy, was I wrong!

Everything the left says of conservatives is true of those who post here. That's not to say what the left stands for is right -- no way -- just that all their criticisms of conservatives are true. Conservatives really are stupid and evil.

Posted by: Robert Seymour | 2009-05-24 6:12:03 AM

Robert Seymour must have looked into the mirror and did not like what he saw, thus his rant.

Posted by: Alain | 2009-05-24 11:27:52 AM

Drug users drag in naive others, ruining the neighbourhood and contaminating youth. Those who sell drugs unlawfully should try their trade in Indonesia....

Posted by: Agha Ali Arkahn | 2009-05-25 6:17:10 PM

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